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007 Legends Gives Bond The Goldfinger

Matt Gardner
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The scene in which James Bond's trouser department is oh-so-nearly sliced in half by Goldfinger's giant laser is one of the most iconic scenes throughout the Bond franchise. And now it'll be in 007 Legends as well, as Activision and Eurocom have announced that Goldfinger will be the sixth film to feature in their game.

"In order to thwart the plot, Bond takes action to infiltrate Goldfinger’s headquarters with help from a questionable acquaintance – Pussy Galore," came the statement from Activision.  "Upon arrival at Fort Knox, 007 is tasked with defusing a nuclear bomb before it detonates, and the only thing standing between Bond and the bomb is Goldfinger’s henchman – Oddjob – and his notoriously deadly hat.  Will Bond be able to defeat Oddjob?  Will Goldfinger’s evil plans succeed?"

The other five films featured in 007 Legends are On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Moonraker, Licence to Kill, Die Another Day, and the upcoming Skyfall. We can only presume that Die Another Day's inclusion is out of sheer necessity s all of the other Brosnan films have already received the video game treatment. More's the pity. Still, we were cautiously impressed in our 007 Legends Gamescom preview, and the game will release on October 19th for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with a Wii U appearance during the launch period.

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Kopite211  Sep. 18, 2012 at 23:46

Hmmm, I'm not left excited, juries out.

MattGardner  Sep. 19, 2012 at 09:30

It's going to be solid Eurocom's Bond games generally are. Whether or not it's going to be special, though, is very much up for debate.


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