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$1.5 Million Stretch Goal Revealed As Dreamfall Chapters Enters Final Week

Carl Phillips
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.5 Million Stretch Goal Revealed As Dreamfall Chapters Enters Final Week

Interactive Graphic Novel & “A Richer World” Unlocked

During the early hours of the morning, the folks at Red Thread Games finally announced the mysterious $1.5 Million stretch goal for Dreamfall Chapters – A Director’s Cut. Hitting this target would allow the Norwegian developers to put in all of the extra content they were forced to cut out to accommodate a leaner budget, meaning more puzzles, greater detail to the game, and a few extra characters that, while not key to the experience, would have been sidelined.

The news comes after yet another busy weekend for the folks at Red Thread Games, having sped past two more Kickstarter goals to reach almost $1.2 million at the time of writing. This is more than likely down to renewed interest in the Kickstarter campaign thanks to a series of exclusive reveals on several of the larger gaming websites.

IGN were the first, with their hosting of the first full trailer for the game, but in an interview with Gamespot details for “The Longest Journey Home” stretch goal were finally revealed after weeks of secrecy. It will be a new game starring April Ryan as the main character, and will conclude her story arc in a 2D point-and-click adventure game with hand-painted backdrops (in essence bringing the game full-circle in both story and design.) Although there is still some way to go before the £2 million stretch goal, the project could still go ahead regardless of the end crowd-funding total, something we revealed in our interview with Martin Bruusgaard early last week. However, head of Red Thread Games and series creator Ragnar Tørnquist has explained in a Kickstarter update that should the stretch goal be met, it will not mean that this separate project is fully funded. What it would ensure is that pre-production for TLJH would begin before Dreamfall Chapters releases in 2014.

The latest stretch goals to be met have ensured two more additions to Dreamfall Chapters. Firstly, an interactive graphic novel called “Storytime” will be added to every copy of the upcoming adventure game, allowing newcomers to get up to speed with the story and providing fans a refresher on what has previously gone down in the worlds of Stark and Arcadia. Secondly, by hitting the “A Richer World” goal it has allowed for the inclusion of an in-game gallery to be present in Europolis, along with an improved soundtrack and improved graphics. This gallery, which will be run by April Ryan’s best friend Emma, will include artwork from the developers as well as hand-picked community fan-art.

The next target at $1.25 million, "The Spoken World", will allow Red Thread Games to provide localisation for French and German languages, along with including more voice-overs for the game (ensuring that every character, be it the main cast or a lowly NPC, will have something to say.) With 5 days to go and within reach of $1.2 Million at the time of writing, it will be interesting to see how successful the Kickstarter campaign will be when the clock finally stops this weekend.

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