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10 Non-Sequel Kinect Titles Due At E3

Felix Kemp
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10 Non-Sequel Kinect Titles Due At E3

I admit, I've doubted Microsoft's nebulous claims of Kinect eventually serving the hardcore once its - playing it safe - launch was out the way. Especially when their attempts at aping the Wii were triumphantly successful, I'd forgive Microsoft for at least considering abandoning us core folk and focusing on those beautiful upper middle-class families with their Ikea lounges. But according to Eurogamer, the Redmond giant is prepping at least ten all new Kinect titles for an E3 unveiling. And they're not just Kinect Sports 2.

According to Eurogamer's source, the ten new titles won't "be obvious" additions to Kinect's roster. What this means, I gather, is that it won't simply be cash-in rush jobs aimed at the casuals, but bigger, better attempts at realizing Kinect's potential. However, confirmed titles include sequels to Kinect Sports and Dance Central; which isn't at all surprising considering the pair were Kinect's best-sellers, having passed a million copies worldwide already.

Rare is also hard at work on a new Kinect property not related to any of their in-house regulars like Banjo or Conker. As if the latter would ever happen! Microsoft has also set up a brand new studio, dubbed MGS Family, who are supposedly prototyping "highly experimental gameplay". MGS Vancouver, on the other hand, is hiring for an unannounced Kinect shooter. Nice to see Microsoft strong on both flanks, there.

Furthermore, a rumour sure to get Forza fans tongues salivating is word that ex-Codemasters dev, Gavin Raeburn, is working with MS on developing an open-world racer dubbed Forza World. Raeburn helped Codemasters capitalise reboot the DIRT and GRID series, and having now set up shop at Playground Studios, his LinkedIn profile reveals he's hard at work on an "unannounced AAA title for a major publisher".

Forza 4 and the new Kinect Star Wars title are due for a big show, too, with Eurogamer also revealing the Halo: Combat Evolved remake will finally be confirmed, in development at Saber Interactive working off the Reach engine. Microsoft's E3 conference is looking more and more action-packed; and it'll have to be if they can hope to contend with the potentially devastating effect of Nintendo's Project Cafe unveiling. [Eurogamer]

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