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100 Classic Book Collection

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100 Classic Book Collection
  • DS from £ 3.19

100 Classic Book Collection | £10 | HMV | Nintendo DS

Tom Silkstone
Educational Games, Genius Sonority, Nintendo, Nintendo DS
100 Classic Book Collection | Nintendo DS

Personally I can't stand reading books off of a screen, I'd much rather have a paperback or hardback in my hands, however if you don't have this particular problem then you could save quite a bit of cash by taking advantage of this one. The books that you'll be able to browse through on your DS include "Moby Dick", "Oliver Twist", "Tess Of The D'Urbervilles", and "Whit Fang" to name but a few. You can get hold of this collection for £10 from HMV, which'll save you almost £5 on the next best offers out there.