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100 Jobs Lost At Split/Second Developers, Black Rock

Felix Kemp
Black Rock Studio, Games news, Split/Second

100 Jobs Lost At Split/Second Developers, Black Rock

UPDATE: Disney Interactive has confirmed layoffs at Black Rock Studios, telling VG247 that it's terminated a "reduction of its workforce from Brighton-based internal game development studio, Black Rock Studios". However, Disney has reassured fans of the team that the studio will be moving forward with its "current project". The exact amount of jobs lost was not revealed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Over a hundred staff at Black Rock Studios, developers of the Bruckheimer-aping racer Split/Second Velocity, are apparently on the verge of being fired, according to an anonymous source speaking to Eurogamer. Originally, the site ran with the story that forty voluntary redundancies were planned, with the studio doubling-down for a one-game-only future.

However, Eurogamer has since updated the post, clarifying that forty jobs are, in fact, safe. But layoffs are on the horizon, however, with a hundred jobs at risk of being terminated. Black Rock had begun work on the sequel to Split/Second Velocity shortly after its release, but pre-production was cancelled in late December. Disney Interactive, who own Black Rock, have already laid off 700 jobs recently in an effort to restructure their output. If you were a fan of the original Split/Second; hold on to your copy. Because I doubt we'll be seeing a followup any time soon. [Eurogamer]

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Jerec  May. 5, 2011 at 14:46

I wasn't impressed with the game to be honest, felt all the cars were samey and sluggish.

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