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1954 Alcatraz Preview Playthrough | 30 Mins of Daedalic's Noir Adventure

Matt Gardner
1954: Alcatraz, Adventure Games, Daedalic Entertainment, PC games, Point and Click

1954 Alcatraz Preview Playthrough | 30 Mins of Daedalic's Noir Adventure

We've had our eye on 1954 Alcatraz for some time. The noir setting, the character mechanics that have you flit between the incarcerated Joe and his femme fatale wife Christine, the tantalising prospect of a branching narrative, all of it set to a bluesy, jazzy soundtrack and cel-shaded, expressive visuals.

Joe's been banged up for a heist that went south when the truck with all of the money in it blew up. But the gangsters to whom he owes a hefty sum think he still has it, hidden away somewhere outside of the prison, and are threatening Christine unless she pays up. Basically, as Joe tries to make his escape, Christine tries to find the money he hid before the gangsters make good on their threats.

It's a classic setup, but it's also a title that shows off a lot of things you wouldn't normally associate with Daedalic and the wider adventure game genre in general. Adult themes abound in this game, and it's absolutely possible for the main characters to die. On a mechanical level, too, there are notable twists on well-worn systems. 1954: Alcatraz is a little more open, with puzzles that often have more than one solution. Don't have a bobby pin to pick the lock round the back of the nightclub? Well, maybe there's something in your possession that you can use to bribe the bouncer.

Expect a more detailed look at the game to come, but for now here's a little look at just over half an hour of gameplay footage from the preview build.

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