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1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

Brendan Griffiths
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1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

Hands up. Whose PS4 or Xbox One is completely full already? Quite a few of you we imagine, especially seeing as most games seem to move in with about 40GB of space on your hard-drive.

Today we've heard leaks about a new 1TB hard-drive PS4 model and the rumours of an Xbox One slim with a bigger drive have been doing the rounds too. Of course, PS4 owners can buy their own 1TB drive and install it and there was briefly a 1TB XO (the COD model), but why the hell has it taken Sony and Microsoft so long to wake up to the fact the 500GB drive is a joke?

Gone are the days of optional installs from discs to make games run faster as we saw on the PS3 and Xbox 360. As soon as you put that disc in, it unloads itself onto your drive. And that's not the end of the problem, as games like Destiny and Call of Duty receive frequent updates to prepare for DLC expansions. They seemingly download the map content to your install file, even if you have no intention of buying an activation key for it.

Sure, there's nothing stopping us deleting hefty install files, but next time we want to play the game we'll have to reinstall it AND the massive series of update files to get it up to spec again. For players that buy big games digitally, removal from your hard drive isn't an ideal option as you'll have to download the entire thing again. This may be more of an inconvenience than a problem for people with uncapped broadband deals, but the lengthy download time can be royally annoying.

1TB PS4 and Xbox One models are appallingly overdue

So why didn't Sony and Microsoft have a 1TB option available from launch? Probably to avoid 'confusing' the market with different options, which is all sorts of insulting if that was the case. The 500GB drive would have allowed them to keep costs per unit down in order for them to sell the console at the lowest price possible.

Let's face it though, the prices between the two SATA drive sizes if bought separately on PS4 isn't that much (about £30). I'd have been happy paying that much extra for more space. You don't have to charge ridiculous prices for extra storage space just because Apple does.

It doesn't look like the option to not install disc-based games to our consoles will ever be an option. And let's face it, we've had so many buggy and broken games already on this-gen, I don't think the consoles are up to the task of the additional strain.

It's a bit 'too little, too late' for those of us that have already bought a console. But for those of you yet to invest, you're probably better off waiting until E3 to see when these new machines are going to appear as a 1TB drive is a must for any gaming fan with a collection beyond annual updates of Shooter A and Sports B.

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SavageDonkey  Jun. 2, 2015 at 13:09

I went with a 2tb upgrade and glad I did...

kristianity77  Jun. 2, 2015 at 13:21

It is annoying though that with this generation that the whole of the disc is copied on to the hard drive when in the vast majority of cases it needn't be that way. What's wrong with leaving video files on disc for a start. That would slash the size down needed for install to HD by a fair way and you can't tell me performance would be hindered when video files are left on...yes..a blu ray drive...meant for video!

The same could also be said for audio. There is no reason this needs to come off the disc either and over to the HD. I can totally understand assets going to the HD that need to be loaded quick like textures and all the main game files, but some things could be left.

Tsung  Jun. 2, 2015 at 13:29

COD has been doing this for a number of years on various platforms, and you can't blame them either.

Why should they worry about annoying people who don't buy the DLC? you are not giving them money. However, the experience of the customer if they do buy the dlc is it's instantly available. Result! :P

Late  Jun. 2, 2015 at 13:55

TBH I'd argue 1tb isn't enough these days. That'll be full before you know it.
Whilst acknowledging that not the full 500gb is available for game installation, I filled my One's HDD ages back, and have probably deleted over 300gb of games since then (and I've not actually used it in over three months - I'd have easily passed the terrabye mark before now if I still played on it).

The difference in price between 1tb and 2tb is only about £20, on the market. I'd imagine for companies like Sony and Microsoft it's less than that.
So I say if you're bringing out new SKUs make sure they're at least 2tb.

Last edited by Late, Jun. 2, 2015 at 13:56

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