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Just Cause 2 £14.99 @ GAME [PC Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Just Cause 2 £14.99 @ GAME [PC Games]

Rico is dropped onto the island nation of Panau, in order to remove the oppressive dictator Baby Panay and hunt down rogue agent Tom Sheldon, with the help of the island’s three main criminal gangs.

You can pick up a copy of the game on the PC for £14.99 at GAME, which is almost £5 cheaper than the next best offer of £19.95 from Tesco Entertainment.

Just Cause 2 is every anarchist’s dream come true. Within the space of 5 minutes I’d destroyed the nearest village to where I began playing, parachuted off a cliff face only to land on a car bonnet and start a fire fight whilst skipping across car roofs, and ended up taking a town apart during a fairly heated encounter with the local militia. The sheer size of the environment coupled with the vast array of ways you can choose to destroy it, means that you rarely find yourself becoming bored between missions.

The combat is the game’s major downfall, as there isn’t a cover system and the number of shots it takes to defeat your enemies makes it feels like you might as well be shooting them with quilted velvet toilet paper bullets.

If you’re looking for a heart pounding rollercoaster ride of action adventure then it’s definitely worth forking out £14.99 for Just Cause 2.

Thanks to millarcat @HUKD

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