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Just Cause 2 £26.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Game]

Felix Kemp
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Just Cause 2 £26.85 @ ShopTo [Xbox 360 Game]

You leap from a plane, hundreds of feet above the ground. You plummet, free-falling elegantly towards the tropic sprawl of Panau. At the last second, when death appears imminent, you whip out your parachute, swoop over a busy road. Firing your hook-shot, you latch onto a passing truck, catch an impromptu ride and car-surf to your destination. Welcome to Just Cause 2, now available from ShopTo for just £26.85!

Just Cause 2 caused quite a stir when it released earlier this year. The sprawling island of Panau can be explored by almost any means. You can drive a car, or a helicopter, or a jet, or even a Boeing 737. You can perform some outrageous feats, like attaching an enemy to an explosive container with the hook-shot, then shooting the container's lid, rocketing it into the air with the hapless goon in tow. Matt reviewed Just Cause 2 in March, and rather enjoyed it.

Flamboyant hero Rico Rodriguez, a secret agent along the lines of James Bond if he studied in gymnastics and bad accents, has been dropped into hostile territory, the tropical island of Panau. Once a friendly nation, Panau is now under the control of Baby Panay. It's Rico's job to undermine Panay's harsh regime, by causing as much chaos as possible. It's a suitably appropriate story choice for a game as ridiculous as this, where Rico spits in the face of Newton's laws and unfurls a parachute ten feet above the ground after plummeting several hundred. And survives.

If you can stomach the bad writing and frankly awful voice-acting, Just Cause 2 is a riot. Literally. You can attach a truck to a helicopter, pilot the latter and swing the former as an impromptu wrecking-ball. Then fly it to the highest mountain and try to drive it down. It's a game where ingenuity and imagination is rewarded in spades, championing thinking so out-of-the-box you'll make the antics in Crackdown look downright pedestrian.

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