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Just Cause 2 £27.85 @ Simply Games [Xbox360 Games]

Brendan Griffiths
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Xbox 360

Just Cause 2 £27.85 @ Simply Games [Xbox360 Games]

Ask anyone who’s played this game if it’s any good and almost instantly they’ll start frantically gibbering on about how amazing it is using the grappling line to cause absolute chaos. So stop waiting for it to go sub-£20 and get involved.

JC2 is a massive improvement over the original. Not only is there more to do in the tropical paradise, it looks a hell of a lot better than the ropey original which was stretched across PS2/Xbox consoles and the then new 360.

The action takes place in Panau, a series of islands that range from beaches, lush tropical jungles and high mountain ranges. Once again you play as the heroically stereotypically named Hispanic CIA agent Rico Rodriquez, you’re trying to overthrow a dictator or something, but the story takes a backseat to the inspired action.

The open approach you can take the missions in this huge sandbox game work better when you decide to get creative rather than go for the usual run-and-gun tactics. The grappling hook / parachute combo returns enabling you to climb buildings like Spiderman and leap off and glide to safety. Thing start to get really interesting thanks to the hook’s new ability to tether itself to two objects. For example, while hitching a ride on a car roof you can fire your hook at a chasing car then fire the other end at a tree and watch the car get torn off the road. Once you start attaching soldiers, motorbikes and exploding gas canisters into the mix, the fun really begins.

For a full run down of the game, check out Matt’s review.

Thanks to goonertillidie for the find at HotUkDeals

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