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Just Cause 2 | £6.49 | Eidos Store | PC

Tom Silkstone
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Just Cause 2 | £6.49 | Eidos Store | PC

Agent Rico Rodriguez's life is fuelled by a staple diet of chaos and action, which you'll get to see if you pick up Just Cause 2. As you stumble around the island of Panau, it's perfectly possible that you'll find yourself free falling from cliff tops before activating your parachute and landing on top of one of the local's vehicles, all whilst engaging your enemies. There are a couple of flaws with the combat system including the lack of a cover system and the fact that your assailants seem to be able to take numerous bullets to the face even at close range before they finally succumb to death. However, if you're looking for an action title that's enjoyable and lets you mess around a lot, then this is the game for you.

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