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20 mins of Bound By Flame gameplay footage, offscreen dev demo showcases combat

Matt Gardner
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20 mins of Bound By Flame gameplay footage, offscreen dev demo showcases combat

Spiders, the studio behind numerous Focus Home ports and last year's Mars: War Logs, are back with another mid-range RPG this year, setting out to try and prove once again that you can make a fully-fledged RPG with branching narratives, loads of customisation, loot, and character paths, for less than the usual multi-million dollar bill racked up by triple-A studios.

Mars: War Logs was a valiant effort, certainly, but it was riddled with issues and most agreed that whilst it was a game with a good grounding in the fundamentals of a good RPG, it was certainly lacking in the spit and the polish that a larger budget might have bestowed upon the game. Ambitious, yes; but ultimately hugely flawed.

20 mins of Bound By Flame gameplay footage, offscreen dev demo showcases combat

Still, much of that can be attributed to it being Spiders' first real crack of the whip. Bound By Flame sees the studio returning with a different focus, a different setting and tone, and wearing its inspirations on its sleeve.

Bound By Flame sees you stepping into a world ravaged by a decade-long war that has seen fantastical beings known as the Ice Lords invade, bringing their armies of dead walkers and fearsome monsters with them. You play the role of a mercenary who finds themselves possessed early on by a fire demon, and the course of the game sees you, the player, choosing whether or not to embrace this demonic power and succumb to the influence of the demon, or to try and exercise your will over it and keep it under control, all the while fighting for the survival of the human race and trying to save the world.

Our full preview will be arriving later today, the game itself is set to release for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and PS4 in Q2 2014. In the interim, here's the full 20 minute presentation given to us by producer Walid Miled at the recent Focus Home Interactive showcase.

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BigOrkWaaagh  Jan. 27, 2014 at 15:57

Loved Mars: War Logs, and loved Of Orcs and Men - although both felt very rushed at the end. Hopefully this will be a winner.

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