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From A 2010 Agent Release To PS3's Best Sales Figures Ever: News Roundup September 7th

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Today’s news sees Rockstar’s announcement of an extremely broad release date for their upcoming PS3 exclusive Agent.  In other news, Sega plan to reveal what motion control games they’re working on in early 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3, a recent patch for Call of Duty 4 causes outrage among fans, and the PS3 Slim inspires the best weekly sales figures the PS3 has ever seen in Japan.

Rockstar Sneak Agent In For 2010

From A 2010 Agent Release To PS3's Best Sales Figures Ever: News Roundup September 7th

Agent was announced a few months back by Rockstar, an action game set in the 70s with a focus on espionage.  However, the date when we are likely to see this game, was never mentioned.  Rockstar have now revealed through a fan mail instalment on their official website, that Agent will see release for the PS3 sometime in 2010.

[W]e are working hard on a line-up of PlayStation 3 releases for 2010 that we know you will be very excited to play -- including Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3, and the PlayStation 3 exclusive AGENT, which is a brand-new title from Rockstar North, the creators of the Grand Theft Auto series” said Rockstar.  They could have been a little more exact than just “2010”, but considering how recently the game has been announced a late 2010 release can be assumed.  [Supererogatory]

Sega Revealing Motion Control Games In Early 2010

From A 2010 Agent Release To PS3's Best Sales Figures Ever: News Roundup September 7th

Microsoft’s Project Natal and Sony’s new PlayStation motion controller were announced at E3 back in June, and in all the time between then and now, no real third-party support has been announced.  But now Sega has revealed some of their plans for both Microsoft and Sony, even projecting when they will be making announcements regarding these new control methods.  “We'd like to think that in early 2010 we'll be making announcements about both of those platforms,” said Sega West president Mike Hayes.

Hayes didn’t go into detail about their plans, but it seems Sega are still in the early testing stage.  “We have our ideas and we know what we want to do, but the technology is pretty new, particularly with Natal, so we've got to get to grips with the technology and see if it can do what we want it to do” said Hayes.  With Sony’s new EyeToy motion controller slotted in for spring 2010, the same time that Sega will revealing their plans, it will be interesting to see whether Sony will have Sega’s support come launch.  [CVG]

Call Of Duty 4 Causes Outrage Among Gamers

From A 2010 Agent Release To PS3's Best Sales Figures Ever: News Roundup September 7th

Infinity Ward has come under fire recently regarding a recent patch for Call of Duty 4 on the Xbox 360 and PS3.  This patch is designed to prevent hackers from using modded controllers or hacks to fire Semi-Automatic weapons at a fully automatic rate-of-fire.  The patch does this by adding a .5 second time limit in between each shot, so a bullet can only be shot every .5 seconds.

The problem of course is that after years of playing, many gamers can now pull the trigger at incredible speeds, but with this new patch in place, they can’t shoot as fast as their fingers can move.  Anyone with the ability to pull the trigger faster than the patch can be easily frustrated, prompting many to stop playing altogether.  Hopefully Infinity Ward can fix this problem sooner rather than later and not just ignore it upon the release of Modern Warfare 2[BLPGaming]

PS3 Slim Sees Best PS3 Sales Ever In Japan

From A 2010 Agent Release To PS3's Best Sales Figures Ever: News Roundup September 7th

The PS3 Slim hit Japan with a bang on its release last week.  In its first three days on sale, the Slim sold an impressive 150,252 units, marking this week with the highest weekly sales figures for the PS3 in Japan.  When the original PS3 hit back in November 2006, shortage issues meant only 88,000 PS3s were sold in its first two days on the market.

Famitsu publisher Enterbrain reckons the PS3 (both Slim and original) sold a combined total of 150,832 units between August 31st and September 6th.  A mightily impressive figure for a console fast approaching its third birthday.  [Kotaku]

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Gunn  Sep. 8, 2009 at 16:57

Be interested to see the hardware figures for US.


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