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2010 Fifa World Cup £13.97 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

Felix Kemp
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2010 Fifa World Cup £13.97 @ Amazon [Xbox 360 Games]

We recently covered a decent deal for 2010 Fifa World Cup. But that was then, and this is now. Little by little, it's edging towards a sub-tenner price, but at the moment it's sitting cozy atop £13.97 at Amazon. Although this particular price only applies to the 360 version. Sorry, PS3ites.

Averaging an 83 on MetaCritic, 2010 Fifa World Cup was a solid entry in what is otherwise a tournament cash-in and stopgap between real Fifas. At this price, it's a nice detour before Fifa 11, although the restriction to nations and lack of longevity beyond the tournament itself is disappointing, if expected.

Building on the success of Fifa 10, the World Cup edition has several key new features and enhancements. The fanfare of match-day is perfectly replicated, with swarms of confetti, rippling banners, trumpeting klaxons and chanting crowds. Other gameplay features include the CPU adjusting weaker teams playing away from home, cementing their back-line into a defensive quartet to quell the waves of counter-attacks. Then there's the "Altitude Effects", as stadiums at a higher elevation will result in less ball resistance, meaning crisper passing and faster shots, but players might fatigue more in the thinner air.

The Fifa series is now the dominant game in the football genre. PES' laurel-resting and inability to notice Fifa breathing down their necks, year by year, has resulted in a change of fortunes. Fifa, once the arcade game dismissed by the core crowd, is now the football fan's football game, whereas PES is the shallow, dated sibling. Fifa simulates ball-physics so realistic it's like watching a real game when it cannons of the cross-bar, bounces off a defenders knee, then the keeper's head and into the melee again. Lightweight players duck and move but can be shrugged off the ball easily, whereas their bigger counterparts bulldoze through defenses but with little grace. Overall, it's a fantastic experience, and extremely therapeutic when the real Arsenal lose at home, and you set Fifa to super-easy and guide virtual Arsenal to a 10-nil win over Tottenham.

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