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2015’s Hits Are So Far Away. But So What?

Brendan Griffiths
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2015’s Hits Are So Far Away. But So What?

After the lengthy presentations on day zero of E3 concluded, I couldn't shake the feeling that there really wasn't much to look forwards to in the next few months. Every exciting trailer or tantalising CG reveal blasted the same message: come back and see me in 2015, Brendan.

This would seem the case for most console owners, be it PS4, Wii U or Xbox One. As a PS4 owner though, I felt there was that little bit less to look forwards to though. Sitting through the Microsoft presser and watching them make it all about the games, there was no getting around the fact they were having an amazing show.

I've never been a Halo fan, but for those that are, the lack of many new games to play at Christmas doesn't seem too bad when they get to replay their old favourites with a next-gen lick of paint. Perhaps, it’s just the lack of interesting Holiday exclusives that are getting me down.

2015’s Hits Are So Far Away. But So What?

Well, you know what; it’s time to buck up. Before Auld Lang Syne drowns out the chimes welcoming in 2015, there are still some incredible games on their way on PS4. Does it really matter that they’re coming to the PC and XO too? Of course it doesn’t.

By January, I'll hopefully have played the hell out of the likes of Destiny, Alien: Isolation, Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, FIFA 15, Grid: Autosport and -despite my annoyances with the PS Plus Edition- even DriveClub is looking better and better all the time. The digital scene has some interesting titles on the way too including The Witness or Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

While new games form an essential part of my work as a games journo, as a gamer I should stop looking to the future so much and for a reason I'm sure many of you can relate to; I am of course talking of 'the pile'.

2015’s Hits Are So Far Away. But So What?

Thanks to being a keen bargain fan, working for a site that hunts down the hottest online prices for games and of course PS Plus, I’ve amassed a twisted tower of discs and hundreds of Gigabytes of games that remain unplayed or with an unfinished campaign mode.

I had a small epiphany playing Watch Dogs the other day. I finished the story weeks ago, have tried the multiplayer and since put many hours into hoovering up the collectibles and side missions while working my way towards a Platinum Trophy. That would be fine if I was still enjoying the experience like I was post-review with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but I wasn’t. Watch Dogs’ end game is seriously dull. So I just stopped, simple as.

I’ve been meaning to finish Arkham Origins for a while, so let’s play that instead. Except, after a night of gameplay, I had to admit that Warner Bros Montreal’s effort is a bit rubbish and I wasn’t enjoying it. That’s valuable free time just washing down the drain. Eject --> eBay.

2015’s Hits Are So Far Away. But So What?

Thank the stars for Saints Row IV then. 20 hours have just flown by so far and I’m having more fun than I can remember in ages. Gliding around Gotham as Batman was an awkward experience thanks to having to wrestle the camera around while looking for grapnel points. SRIV, lets me leap over multiple city blocks and glide over many more. The idea of playing another open-world game as a non-superpowered human just seems like nonsense now. This is how games should be. Who knows how many other terrific gaming experiences lie undiscovered in the pile?

The short version, yes the games we want aren’t even close to being ready (Uncharted 4, and Mirror’s Edge for me), but the ones we probably felt the same about years ago desperately want some attention since we picked them up and there are probably many more out there that we haven’t even discovered yet. The future is coming, but only when it’s ready, so find something to enjoy the wait with. Life’s too short to always be looking forwards rather than at what’s readily available in the here and now. Happy gaming my friends.

Sound off readers! What are you looking forward to playing this year? What are you playing now? What have you been meaning to play from the pile? Or are you just hoarding more from the latest Steam Summer Sale?

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kristianity77  Jun. 22, 2014 at 16:57

Agree with nearly of all this to be honest. Some people just buy a console and then just moan moan moan about release dates being put back, the lack of games being released week in week out etc its just getting boring to read now.

Games come when games come. If you didn't read up on the release schedules before you bought one then who is really at fault? You shouldn't have spent your money.

I've got a ps4, 7 retail games and from what I've seen (or whats been announced for the rest of 2014) is that I will likely pick up games for the rest of this year like The Last Of Us (I never owned a PS3) GTAV, Wolfenstein (when the price drops a bit), Far Cry 4, Dragon Age and maybe Oddworld if it turns out to be any good. Now loads will argue that thats not enough but I'm perfectly fine with that. And during the downtime, I'll just do something else like play more sports, read, spend time with friends, get out on the bike, anything really. Gaming isn't the be all and end all and if the good stuff is pushed back to 2015 then so be it. Its not a reason to moan and complain. Either wait and deal with it, or sell it and buy something else.

gmdlogan  Jun. 22, 2014 at 19:14

Its all about Destiny and AC Unity this year! Pretty sure this is all i'll pick up!

Crazy Jamie  Jun. 23, 2014 at 11:01

When I was younger and played games a lot more I always seemed to make a point of finishing any games that I played. Over time I've had less and less time to play games, to the point where I might play games two or three hours a week now at most. Initially I tried to stick to the philosophy of finishing every game I played, but there came a point where I realised just how nonsensical that was. I enjoy playing games but now don't get very much time to do it, so it makes perfect sense to spend that time playing the games I actually want to play and not worry about grinding for 20 hours through something that I'm not actually enjoying.

Those who currently can spend a lot of time playing games would do well to realise the same thing whilst they actually do still have the time to do everything that they want to do. The sheer volume of games released nowadays, across home consoles, handhelds and PC, is staggering. You simply can't play them all to the full extent that the developers want you to. So play the ones that interest you, regardless of whether they've just come out or came out before you'd even picked up a controller, and spread your horizons a little. After all, gaming is a hobby. You do it to enjoy it, and no one else can tell you what you should enjoy. If you're not enjoying a game, you owe it to yourself to move on to one that you will enjoy.

Late  Jun. 23, 2014 at 12:23

This site would benefit from a like or upvote facility for comments imo...

If I'm enjoying a game I'll play it lots. If I'm not keen I'll play it if there's nothing in the backlog.
I got an Xbox One on day one knowing full well there wouldn't be many games for the first year or two. It's the price you pay for adopting early.
I got higher than usual achievements on most of those first few games I bought on the new console - due to the absence of a backlog. That's fine. They were fun games and tbh I could happily go back and play some of them some more.
I really should have a proper look at Forza. I had a few hours and it seemed fun but I had other things that I enjoyed more.

So I quite enjoy the quiet period, where we're waiting for the big games to arrive. It gives me an opportunity to get everything I can out if the game I love, to discover more things in the games I quite liked or wasn't sure about, and to try a few titles I wouldn't look at if we were snowed under.

Anyway virtual upvotes for kristianity77 and Crazy Jamie.

Drago_MkII  Jun. 23, 2014 at 15:40

Gotta agree with whats been said, there's so much complaining but I was somewhat glad when Batmans delay was announced since I'm thinking I'm going to be quite busy with Destiny, and hopefully Elite Dangerous and Hyper Light Drifter in the latter months of the year.

Plus I've been trying hard lately to cut through the backlog but unfortunately I still seem to add a game every time I finish one thanks to various sales. Quite happy to have finally played through Zone of Enders the second runner recently though, started it twice previously and stopped a short way through but really enjoyed it once I got going this time. Getting my PS4 with Second Son got me to go back and try the Infamous games again too before playing the new one and I've enjoyed both of those despite not caring for the first one when I first tried it.

Now, back to playing through Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate and Assassins Creed IV before Second Son, Crackdown 2, Peacewalker, more EDF 2025, etc , etc.... sigh.

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