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2K Announce "Top-Selling Franchise" MMO

Felix Kemp
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2K Announce "Top-Selling Franchise" MMO

2K have announced an MMO aimed at Asian markets from a "top-selling franchise" is in development at an as-yet-unknown developer. No further details were provided, but speculation is rife that this is the oft-rumoured Bioshock MMO. 2K has already admitted the series has plenty of MMO potential, which is often tantamount to an unofficial announcement.

Myself, I doubt it's Bioshock. 2K claim the mysterious MMO is aimed at Asian markets, where Bioshock didn't gain much traction. It sold impressively in North America and Europe, which would appear to be the series' prime market. 2K have several other properties more suited to a global market, although I do admit the promise of wandering a persistent Rapture crawling with player-controlled Splicers and Big Daddies is interesting. [That VideoGame Blog]

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Steve  May. 23, 2011 at 14:49

Borderlands seems more suited to the MMO treatment than Bioshock, but I suppose it's not really a franchise... yet...

Felix Kemp  May. 23, 2011 at 14:57

With you on that.


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