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2K Marin Turns Turtle On XCOM Shooter

Jonathan Lester
2K Games, 2K Marin, Xcom

2K Marin Turns Turtle On XCOM Shooter

The future of 2K Marin's XCOM reboot, which was announced and even showcased before Firaxis' stunning strategy effort was even a thing, is now in serious doubt. 2K have shut down the official website and made every single gameplay trailer and video private, not a good sign by any stretch of the imagination.

So why are 2K turtling up? It's possible that the controversial game has been canned outright, repurposed or renamed - so will either get a big new re-reveal, receive a name change or die in ignominy. More as we hear it.

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Late  Apr. 15, 2013 at 12:13

Meh, probably back on the drawing board as they start over. Yet again.

It was a ropey looking first person shooter with a contentious name, then promising first person shooter with a contentious name, then a third person shooter with a contentious name.
A re-badge was definitely in order, at the very least! But tbh they don't seem to know what they want to do with the licence at all. (Take a bow, Firaxis.)
I love xcom, but won't be sad if this game is shelved.

davidpanik  Apr. 15, 2013 at 13:45

Not bothered about this at all. I'd originally been excited until gameplay details actually started to come through, revealing the game was completely unrelated to X-Com AT ALL.

However - I'd be interested to a see of mod or expansion for the current X-Com but set in the 50s. That'd be interesting.

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