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3 Million DIRT 3 Digital Copies Swiped By Hackers

Felix Kemp
Codemasters, DiRT 3, Hackers, Steam

3 Million DIRT 3 Digital Copies Swiped By Hackers

It appears Codemasters have lost an estimated three million digital copies of racer DIRT 3 after hackers after hackers swiped reserved download codes for the game intended for release as part of a promotion with graphics card manufacturers, AMD. The codes were left on a public Codemasters server without protection, which has since been ransacked by opportunistic hackers.

However, Codemasters can cling to a sliver of silver-lining here; the digital DIRT 3 copies stolen were Steam codes, so Codemasters can simply track and block said codes to restrict access to the game. The publisher has since announced plans to do just this, although it remains to be seen whether it's an all-encompassing solution.

It's also unclear just how many digital copies have been snagged. Reports estimated three million, but Kotaku obtained the master list of download codes, which had the number at 250, 000. Both are big numbers, but there's a huge difference between three million stolen copies and a quarter of a million.

We'll have more for you on this as it develops. [Kotaku]

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