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A Whole Load Of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Facts!

Tom Silkstone
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A Whole Load Of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Facts!

Seeing as I'm a massive zombie movie fan, it's safe to say that I love the Dead Rising series, so as you can imagine I'm somewhat excited about the release of Dead Rising 2: Off The Record in October, not only because it'll give me another chance to run around Fortune City blasting zombies to pieces, but I'll also get to jump into Frank West's shoes once more, which means I'll be snapping away with his camera to capture the carnage in exchange for some PP! A fair few details about the upcoming title have been revealed by the game's executive producer, Jason Leigh, in an interview he had with Siliconera.

The biggest change is the fact that Chuck's been swapped out for Frank, which fans of the original game are probably jumping for joy about, but don't worry the game isn't a clone of Dead Rising 2 as Mr. Leigh explained:

The missions in the story have been changed quite heavily from Dead Rising 2. It's very Frank focused, it's his story as a photo journalist. The camera comes into play in the missions and solving the story.

At this point you might be thinking why haven't Capcom just made a new chapter in the Dead Rising series with Frank, rather than lazily recasting him in an alternate version of the sequel, well Jason Leigh can answer that one for you:

The interesting story about how Off The Record came about is it was first conceived as kind of a director's cut to Dead Rising 2. We started to go down that path, but when Dead Rising 2 was announced with the character of Chuck Greene, there was a bit of fan backlash of why are you getting rid of Frank? He's the hero of the franchise, he should be in the second game.

We changed the direction of the Director's Cut because we realised there is some opportunity here, rather than do a traditional director's cut, what if we re-imagined or re-envisioned the game where Frank is the hero. All sorts of story possibilities come into play automatically.

Several changes to the gameplay have been made, mostly thanks to fan comments, and Mr. Leigh was more than happy to discuss them:

Things like load times, which were called out as problematic, we drastically reduced them.

The checkpoint system is something that came out of feedback as well. Some people thought the save system was a little bit too harsh. So, we put in a checkpoint system that saves after key story events and boss battles.

The number of zombies has been incresed "by at least 30%", which was possible because the developers "made Frank a tougher character right at the beginning and we gave him more cool weapons that do a lot more damage", which is exciting because half the fun of the Dead Rising series is charging into an area crawling with the undead and sending them back to their graves courtesy of a ridiculous weapon are too. But just how ridiculous are the new weapons and combo weapons? Over to you Jason:

We have two new weapons that are derived from a tennis ball machine. One of those you combine with a saw blade, you can shoot saw blades out of a tennis ball machine. Another one is a tennis ball machine and motor oil. That one shoots flaming tennis balls. The cool thing about that one is instead of shooting in an arc like Freedom Bear, this one rotates in a 360 degree pattern that kills all of the zombies around the place.

The demo at E3 has a new theme park area and we designed new normal weapons to support the park.

We also have five our new combo weapons and these are some of the most fun ones I think we've ever put in the Dead Rising series. One of them is the Pegasus, a pony on the stick with fireworks on it, what Frank does is take it, impales a zombie, and then the fireworks go off launching the zombie up in the air where it explodes.

The cryopod is the garbage can combined with fire extinguishers. When you put that on a zombie's head, the fire extinguishers go off and it hovers over the ground. As it hovers and passes zombies, it freezes those zombies until it goes off and shatters them all.

Zombies aren't the only enemies Frank'll face there are "a few new psychopaths" too, but we'll have to wait and see what crazy schemes they have up their sleeves for our hero.

Finally there will be multiple endings to the game, so "if you do it a certain way you get a certain ending", which means that you'll get more than one play through out of this one as you attempt to discover all of the possible endings.

For more detail, why not check out the full interview over at Siliconera, before you try and work out ways to make October come around just that little bit quicker.

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