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343: "We Have To Earn Our Spot"

Felix Kemp
343 Industries, Call Of Duty, Frank O'Connor, Halo 4, Ryan Payton
Halo 4

343: "We Have To Earn Our Spot"

Wants To Challenge Call of Duty's Dominance

343 Industries suffered perhaps their first controversy last week, with creative director Ryan Payton parting ways with the studio and Halo 4, which he claims had become a "crazy endeavor". The mood remains upbeat at 343, however, with Frank O'Conner sitting down for a chat with OXM, where he spoke about Halo's competition on the Xbox, namely Call of Duty.

"We had Xbox #1 spot to ourselves for years," O'Conner explains, in regards to LIVE activity. Renewed competition in the FPS genre meant Halo had to fight for the top spot, ultimately losing it to one game in particular. "You said Call of Duty and other shooters, but it's basically just COD." However, O'Connor explained that Call of Duty's multiplatform advantage pays dividends in regards to the competition between the rival shooters. Halo is an Xbox game only; it can't realistically compete.

"Everyone at school is playing COD, no matter what system they're on. PC, consoles, blah," O'Conner said. "In terms of how people relate to each other, they have an insurmountable advantage. So the way you deal with that is to make your own experience the best it can be. If that means that you beat you accept and embrace."

So how does O'Connor expect 343, let alone Halo 4, to compete? "We just have to earn our spot, it's as simple as that. And you do that by trying harder and making better stuff." O'Connor did put the coy fighting talk to one side to pause for a moment and pay Activision's shooter its due praise. "There's a lot of stuff that COD does beautifully that we should do better, and that should always be everyone's stance when they see a new game."

Despite Payton's departure and his parting words surrounding Halo 4, I'm still confident 343 can pull this one out the bag. Maybe I'm a fanboy - I definitely once was, but Reach saw to that - but I think a fresh start for Halo could be just what the Forerunners ordered. [OXM]

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hurrakan  Sep. 13, 2011 at 15:44

I've known this since the Halo 3 beta :p

I played Halo 2 multiplayer A LOT - but I hardly played Halo 3 or Halo Reach multi-player. I used to love King of the Hill multi team in Halo but haven't played for YEARS.

Partly because 30 FPS feels too sluggish now - like running in slow motion. Also the multiplayer progression/levelling in Halo Reach is nowhere near as fun as in CoD.


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