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343: Halo's Kinect Features "Additive"

Felix Kemp
343 Industries, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition, Kinect

343: Halo's Kinect Features "Additive"

Studio Defends Decision To Implement Kinect

Last week at New York ComicCon, 343 Industries announced the upcoming Halo: Combat Evolved remake - Anniversary Edition - would be receiving Kinect support in the form of voice commands and a Wikipedia-esque 'Library' mode. A small minority of fans voiced their concerns over Kinect's inclusion in Halo, but 343 has stood behind their decision, claiming the Kinect features are "additive" and won't disrupt the rest of the core experience.

"From our perspective it was important for Halo Anniversary to not disrupt the core gameplay, as that's been our pillar the entire time," 343 producer Dennis Ries said in a chat with Eurogamer. "So we looked at it being additive - how could we enhance the core gameplay without changing it?"

The Anniversary Edition's unique Kinect features range from shouting "grenade" for Master Chief to toss a frag of plasma variant, or "reload" to, you guessed it, slam a fresh clip in. Furthermore, the 'Analyse' mode allows you to scan objects in the game, from weapons to vehicles, storing them in the 'Library', a repository of all things Halo where you can sift through the accrued contents with hand gestures. Not particularly drastic nor game-changing inclusions, but 343 still strived to ensure Kinect didn't overlap into the core gameplay experience too much, going so far as to remove Kinect even from Achievements.

"One of the things we did was make sure that there's no Achievements associated with Kinect," he explains. "Yes, I can see [why people might be upset] but I think we able to mitigate a lot of that as we didn't really take away from people who didn't buy Kinect. If you have Kinect, it's a great feature. Similar with the 3D stuff - if you have a 3D TV, you're going to use it." [Eurogamer]


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