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343 Industries: 'We'll Come Under A Lot More Scrutiny Than Bungie'

Matt Gardner
343 Industries, Bungie, Halo 4, Microsoft

343 Industries' Frank O'Connor has suggested that the team is under a microscope when it comes to Halo 4, and that the company and its product will come under far more rigorous scrutiny than Bungie ever did.

'We’ll come under a lot more scrutiny than Bungie did, even though their teams shift monumentally between games,' said O’Connor, talking with OXM. 'There's definitely core people still there, but other than that vastly different people worked on each game. There'll be differences in style that will be attributed to 343 that wouldn't have been examined under the same microscope if it had been another Bungie team doing it.'

But Bungie had a strong sense of identity, not just between the company itself and its fans, but amongst the industry too. With Bungie really creating a name for itself that was bigger than any of its component parts, it falls to 343 to see if they can do the same.

'There's little subtle things that we'll be held to an exacting standard for, that would have happened anyway. But there will be 343 elements and there will be core Halo principles,' continued O'Connor.

What did you expect, Frank? A walk in the park?

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