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343i: Halo Has The "Potential" For Microtransactions

Matt Gardner
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343i: Halo Has The "Potential" For Microtransactions

It's difficult to be sarcastic about begging to be monetised when some folk really are clamouring for it. Halo 4's executive producer Dan Ayoub has suggested that 343 Industries might be mulling over the possibility of including cosmetic microtransactions in subsequent Halo games.

"I think Halo certainly has the potiental for those kinds of things," Ayoub told Digital Spy.

"We don't have too much to talk about in terms of our plans down that line, but it's certainly something... we've seen the fans of Gears are enjoying, and if it's something we think our community is going to enjoy, it's something we'll seriously talk about."

Now, we're not against the idea of little in-game purchases to unlock a goofy skin that you might only have  been able to previously acquire buy pre-ordering. But the emphasis should be firmly on the word "cosmetic".

As for further DLC, Ayoub noted that the Castle map pack brings an end to the content covered by the Season Pass, but suggested that fan feedback might  play into providing additional content going forward.

"Obviously our commitment is always that we're going to make sure there's something for people to do on Halo, whether it's playlists, or new maps or new content, something like that," he continued.

"We can't say too much about the specifics we're planning, but what we can say is we don't take that commitment lightly, and people should keep their eyes open for cool stuff."

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RiKx  Apr. 8, 2013 at 11:27

further nails in microsofts console coffin...

Quietus  Apr. 8, 2013 at 12:54

I can't believe that Microsoft are being so stupid. IMO, they had the better of this generation, but Sony look to be storming the next one. I can't believe for a second that Micorsoft haven't seen everybody leaning Sony's way with each and every piece of information released. You'd think they'd get some info out as soon as possible, and come out swinging.

JonLester  Apr. 8, 2013 at 13:33

@Quietus: Yep.

IMO, despite absolutely dominating the first half of this gen, Microsoft's shortsighted decision-making has left them surprisingly vulnerable after fumbling opportunity after opportunity. Over the last few years, they've let SEGA, Crytek, Bungie, even BioWare and many other potential first-party studios slip through their fingers while chasing timed DLC. They failed to adequately support the indie community and Kinect. And now, their deafening silence is making them an easy target for devastating rumours that are practically becoming fact due to the absence of statements to the contrary.

Meanwhile, after spending years catching up, Sony have quietly assembled a small army of brilliant first-party developers, opened the door to indie development, and are now loudly cornering all of the excitement surrounding the next generation. Whatever MS announces will now be compared to the PS4, but they need to get us talking - and soon.

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DivideByZero  Apr. 8, 2013 at 14:30

Funny, I was just talking about how short sighted MS were with the Xbox last night. No wireless. Only native DVD support. Picking the wrong "HD" media, though was the downfall of HD-DVD due in part to the lack of full support from MS, whereas if you bought a PS3, you owned a Blu Ray player. Paid subscriptions just to play online.

Come on Microsoft, are you American or American't?

RiKx  Apr. 8, 2013 at 15:41

Come on Microsoft, are you American or American't?
be bothered.

Why bother when
(Microsoft has decided that) customers who buy second-hand and are not connected are not profitable customers, and it would be more profitable to have a much smaller market with users who are willing to pay for entertainment and who spend constantly online.

and if your not always on-line how else will they force you to look at adverts? Microsoft seem content to sabotage themselves at every possible turn. They don't even make the wireless dongle for PC's to use xbox peripherals any more. WHY would you stop that? Esp considering the support they now have on the PC and they fact its it's an ever increasing market for gamers. So what do you do? marginalise yourself by limiting hardware sales of existing technology you make. Ruin your chance of further software OS sales by a hideous curated OS in the form of Win8 that is only really useful on touch devices sleep through the smartphone and tablet war as with the MP3 player because your too lazy to properly support and market. Now you want to ruin your only successful brand totally through short sightedness and laziness.

wake up you cretins! you've lost every technology battle since the beginning of the x360 days, and that's where you even bothered to make an attempt! I just read in another thread that
Microsoft's major rivals won't actually be Sony and Nintendo.

“The problem Microsoft has has nothing to do with Sony or Nintendo anymore, it’s Roku and AppleTV. The market for hardcore video games, the market of people will always buy the next Gears of War game, the next Halo game, the next Call of Duty game, it’s fairly finite. It’s a decent market, yada yada yada, it’s not the market for tablets, it’s not the market for smartphones.”

You know what a year old laptop with a dedicated GPU running steam will play most games reasonably well or better than most current gen equivalents give or take (not at massive res I grant you but you get what I'm saying) and big picture mode work lovely when you plug your laptop via HDMI into tv if you want to or a monitor if your feeling more personal. You can plug any type of peripheral you want for control into a PC pretty much (mouse/gamepad/wheel/joystick/etc) too.

You can take it with you everywhere and if you play on another device like your more powerful desktop or log in on your mates / parents pc your game has already been updated to the cloud and you can continue where you left off. PC games also cost so little you literally acquire more than you can ever legitimately ever play. I gotta be honest I don't see how a console is ever going to compete with these features not to mention they are all free on PC except the actual games which are often so cheap later on they may as well be free if they aren't F2P already. With all this in mind and the now VERY narrow release of console exclusives I can't understand why anyone would think about buying a next gen console.

I'm not a PC fanboy, I have always been a console first gamer but Microsoft esp (It's too late for Nintendo they lost the plot a while ago) seem to be ignoring the world around them. At least Sony are making an effort to deliver a developer-publisher-customer-consumer experience. But there would have to be some freakin' brilliant exclusives to persuade me it was worth investing in something a gaming laptop can do...

rant over.

Breadster  Apr. 8, 2013 at 15:44

Gears of War is probably my most played game, but I hated how they monetised the third one and I'm not even getting Judgement because it's even worse so not everyone is enjoying it Microsoft.

I literally want to buy the next Microsoft console just because of the controller, but unless they pull something seriously special out of the bag, it's looking like ps4 all the way at the moment.

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