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From The 360's 60% Failure Rate To GameStop Playing The Snitch: News Roundup November 18th

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Today's news roundup sees a British survey reveal some incredible failure rates regarding the Xbox 360, a Japan-only No More Heroes port to the 360 and PlayStation 3 planned for February, and GameStop play the snitch as they blacklist a rival videogames store.

British Survey Indicates 60% of Xbox 360s Are Malfunctioning

From The 360's 60% Failure Rate To GameStop Playing The Snitch: News Roundup November 18th

Following Game Informer’s survey a few months back suggesting 54.2% of American Xbox 360s are faulty, CNET have carried out a similar study on the Brits, with similar results.  Of the 1,128 gamers polled, 562 owned an Xbox 360, 473 had a PS3, and 591had a Wii, with some respondents owning more than one console obviously.  The results indicated a shocking 60% of 360s suffered the dreaded red-ring of death, with comparably only 16% of PS3s and 6% of Wii consoles having experienced failure.

These 360 figures are further hampered by repeat failures, with 32% of those who have already reported a red-ringed console complaining of more than one failure, while 19% say their console has broken three times or more.  It’s important to note this was a self-selected survey, rather than a random sample, so a more representative sample may have yielded slightly different results.  Still, any survey suggesting 60% of Xbox 360s in Britain are malfunctioning can’t be a good one.  [Cnet]

No More Heroes Ported To Xbox 360 and PS3 in Japan

From The 360's 60% Failure Rate To GameStop Playing The Snitch: News Roundup November 18th

Marvelous Entertainment announced this week in Japanese gaming mag Famitsu, that the previously Wii-exclusive action game No More Heroes, is set to port on both the Xbox 360 and PS3.  For the moment these ports are only available in Japan, with a release date set for February 25th at 5800 yen each.  While the graphics and gameplay appear to be largely unchanged, no details were revealed on how the Wiimote-specific controls will be implemented on the PS3 and 360.

Although one new feature did make its way into the announcement.  A “Very Sweet Mode,” will be made available upon completing certain conditions, granting you access to unlockable “sexy” costumes for the female cast of No More Heroes.  The port is sure to hit the rest of the world eventually, and with this news don’t rule out the possibility of seeing No More Heroes 2 on all three consoles come release.  [1UP]

GameStop Blacklist Rival Videogame Sellers

From The 360's 60% Failure Rate To GameStop Playing The Snitch: News Roundup November 18th

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 being this year’s biggest game, competition was stiff between rival stores fighting for sales.  American Mom and Pop video game stores even resorted to breaking the street date in order to stay competitive with rival gaming behemoth GameStop, a move later costing them dearly.  Once a GameStop store in NYC got wind of this, the manager sent a few undercover agents round to investigate, who then purchased an early copy of the game.  Upon returning, the manager proceeded to contact Activision to report the Mom and Pop stores of ill practice, leading Activision to blacklist the store.  The move of course gives the Mom and Pop stores a harder time selling in the future, while GameStop will enjoy less competition.  Still, they did break the rules didn’t they?  [DualShockers]

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Gunn  Nov. 19, 2009 at 08:35

MS have done something that most companies can't by having success with a shoddy product, mostly by throwing a ton of money at it, to cover warranties and to grab exclusives. With such high rates mentioned all the time I do really wonder what the true sales figures are for the X360, does anyone actually know the amount of consoles sold including and excluding replacements?!

Geoff Capes  Nov. 19, 2009 at 10:22

Oh come on,

A 'selective' group of 500 people were surveyed?

Thats hardly going to produce anywhere near an accurate figure. Needs to be random sampling of a much larger group before people can start quoting.

cheap ps3  Nov. 19, 2009 at 10:47

The problem with consoles is that they cost a lot of money and people who choose one over the other will fight forever to claim its the best. Xbox 360 are some of the most illiterate people on the planet and just blindly believe in what they want to. This is why Microsoft can just milk them dry. Since when has American technology ever beaten Japanese technology?!

Geoff Capes  Nov. 19, 2009 at 10:55

In 1945?

Geoff Capes  Nov. 19, 2009 at 11:03

BTW, 'cheap ps3' - your tag basically says 'I'm a fanboy' and devalues absolutely any opinion you may or may not have.

Especially when its completely nonsensical and plain idiotic. In all honesty.

Matt Gardner  Nov. 19, 2009 at 13:08

Ah the red ring of death....it's difficult to find a 360 owner who hasn't suffered from its baleful glare. Whenever two xbox owners have a conversation and someone reveals that theirs has just red-ringed there's nearly always a little knowing pause of 'I feel your pain'. It's so ingrained into gaming culture now that when mine did I wasn't even angry, just relieved that it was out of the way! Microsoft's kinda like an abusive husband and we're all the wife that keeps coming back....even the new hardware revamps have failed to quell the issue. But it was all done to get the jump on Sony and it kinda worked: the PS3 was not only late but has been a massive slow burner and is only just finding its pace. It will outlive the 360 by far, but then it was always meant to.

Late  Nov. 19, 2009 at 16:14

Geoff Capes says: "In 1945?"

pmsl! Good call.

I'm an xbox360 owner, and love it. (I don't have a ps3 and have never played on one but have no problems with them - the only reason I don't have one is that I can't justify paying for both consoles when there's more than enough games on either one to keep me happy.)
I love my xbox despite it not being the one I bought two and a half years ago. That was replaced after about a year. Nor is it that one - which was replaced about two months ago.
I've had two xboxes RROD since I joined the current generation of consoles. Fortunately both were replaced for free by Microsoft under the extended warranty. (Each time I was without the machine for between one and three weeks, and both of the replacements came with 1 month gold membership to partly cover the inconvenience.)
Yes the failure rate is ridiculously high, and Mocrosoft won't be proud of it - but by throwing billions at the problem and giving extra warranty to people they've largely redeemed themselves in my opinion.

A ps3 or wii might be much less likely to break, but if it does you stand a good chance of having to pay through the nose to get it repaired or replaced. The (older) xbox 360s are more likely to break but you're much less likely to be out of pocket.
Swings and roundabouts, "innit"...

Sam Bell  Nov. 19, 2009 at 17:15

My Xbox 360 survived two years before it pulled a red-ring on me. It only happened three weeks ago so i ended up missing out on playing Modern Warfare 2 on launch nite. Jesus was i disappointed. I thought i was one of the 'lucky' ones up until that point!


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