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From 3D Over HD To Sensationalist Crap - News Roundup 23rd December 2010

Jonathan Lester
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Sony: 3D Adoption Will Be Faster Than HD

From 3D Over HD To Sensationalist Crap - News Roundup 23rd December 2010

We're still not completely sold on the concept of 3D gaming- but as you'd expect, Sony are pushing it as hard as they can. Spurred on by the adoption of 3D technology by Sky TV and other television networks, SCEE President Andrew House believes that 2011 will herald a massive surge for the new tech... and that it will catch on faster than HD did.

Rather than saying when the tipping point will be, I do think [3D gaming] will be a faster adoption than the shift from standard to high definition

Our role is to act as a pioneer, as evangelists and to help developers get the right experience with 3D games. We've done some great groundwork and I think you'll see 3D games come to fruition next year.

He's certainly not wrong about the games. Killzone 3 and Motorstorm Apocalypse will support 3D (to name just two)... but as far as outpacing HD is concerned, we're not so sure. Lose the glasses and we'll talk. [MCV]

Have you bought into 3D gaming already or are planning to get involved next year? Reckon it's the future or a fad? Have your say in the comments!

Kingdom Hearts 3D Will Be "On Par" With Main Titles

From 3D Over HD To Sensationalist Crap - News Roundup 23rd December 2010

The whole idea of high fantasy meeting Disney whimsy doesn't really work on paper, but Kingdom Hearts has become one of Sony's most beloved franchises. After announcing Kingdom Hearts 3D for the 3DS at this year's E3 expo [too many 3s -Ed], director Tetsuya Nomura has revealed that it will be much more than a spinoff. It will feature every Disney world thus far, and will rival the main numbered games in terms of storytelling and canonical development.

Kingdom Hearts III and Kingdom Hearts 3D are not the same. However, it is a brand-new adventure starring Sora and Riku. The story is on par with that of a numbered title, and I’m sure the ending will shock fans.

Sounds good. We'll bring you more details as they become available. [Nintendo Everything]

Braid Dev Lashes Out Against "Sensationalist Crap"

From 3D Over HD To Sensationalist Crap - News Roundup 23rd December 2010

Jonathan Blow, the veteran Indie developer behind the critically-acclaimed Braid, recently conducted an interview with EDGE magazine to discuss the state of the industry. However, a report from CVG (amongst others) contained a number of out-of-context quotes about Sony's readiness to back left field titles; designed to make readers assume that the developer was slamming Microsoft's Indie Games policies. This managed to turn Blow into public enemy number one almost overnight, making him extremely unpopular both in the independent scene and with the Microsoft crowd. The furious developer has lashed out against the allegations.

CVG’s article is a deceptive, manipulative piece of sensationalist crap meant to drive hits by stoking the argument between Sony fans and Microsoft fans. It misrepresents the content of the interview almost entirely.

They fill out their article by pasting in somewhat-out-of-context quotes to support this statement (and nothing else). To believe their account, it was a highly anti-Microsoft and pro-Sony interview.

Yikes. So there. Don't believe everything you read. [The Witness]

However, to provide some balance, Blow definitely did state that Sony were "less conservative" than Microsoft (as reported by CVG)- and he has a point. Microsoft's Indie Games community allow developers to publish their own software without interference... but also without help. Conversely, Sony are willing to take a publishing punt on the likes of Flower, so there might be some truth to it.

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PlatPlat  Dec. 23, 2010 at 17:35

Current consoles are not powerful enough to output 3D games at full detail with acceptable framerates.

pstanf  Dec. 23, 2010 at 18:30

Ive had 3d since the launch - got a samsung 50' - films are out of this world ! the kids love them and Avatar is just as stunning at home, 3D gaming needs to be seen, Motorstorm, GT5 & COD Black ops are phenomenal, its more about depth than things jumping out at you.
anyone slating it just hasnt tried it

Brendan Griffiths  Dec. 24, 2010 at 00:47

I've tried a few 3D games. No way are they worth £1000 TV for me. There's no way 3D will become the standard as quick as HD did either. Most people still only just going HD, pointless buying another TV so soon. I've heard the frame-rate for Black Ops is hideous in 3D too.

And yeah, the glasses are pants.

Persus-9  Dec. 24, 2010 at 10:25

Sony reckon 2011 is the year of 3D, huh? Is it just me or are they beginning to sound like a broken record here?

I've tried 3D gaming and it just isn't for me. The distorting effect of losing half the light entering the eye you get from shutter glasses just doesn't make up for a little 3D. You know what's 3D? The real world and I see that all the damn time so once I get past the 30 seconds of wow factor and immerse myself in a game world I don't find 3D that amazing an experience. I also don't find 2D spoils the immersion of 2D games at all, I never stop to think "God damn that looks flat" when I'm gaming or watching TV. If 3D is done badly then you notice it and it gets in the way of the overall experience but if 3D is done well you just accept it and then what the hell are you paying and putting up with crappy glasses for? I think the people who like 3D are those who have trouble immersing themselves normally and so only gain when immersion is replaced by eye-candy.

I sure 3D will replace HD faster than HD replaced SD but then France started broadcasting in 768i in 1949 so that ain't saying much. Such flippancy aside there is a serious point that the HD revolution did not go as well as we're lead to believe, it did not go as televised. Mark Rein of Epic reported just over a year ago that less than half the people playing Gears of War 2 did so in HD. Probably a fair indication of 360 owners as a whole and I'd bet any money that they have a higher proportion of HDTVs then anyone bar PS3 owners. I doubt that the overall figure is above half even now for the general population. The elephant in the room is that the HD switch-over is still very much a work in progress. You'd have to be a huge sucker to believe they can pull off the much tougher sell of trying to get people to spend another £1000 and wear silly glasses just so they can watch Avatar in 3D once more. 3D cinema has caught on because people go to the cinema to be wowed and it isn't that huge a premium over 2D cinema. The same is not true of TV, it's a huge premium and it isn't what most people want to live with every day. Sorry Sony but I think you're either stupid or lying your ass off because I just can't see it happening for you either this year.

Rhodeuk  Dec. 24, 2010 at 11:20

Totally agree with Persus-9. Sony are desperate for this to work and for SKY it's a big publicity thing at this point as the uptake must be dismally low for the investment. Once again Tech companies have come up with conflicting technology and at CES your modest television will be superseded pstanf by passive or glasses free technology making yours seem positively barbaric! I'm what they term an early adopter and although 3D is great in the cinema I'm not fussed about having it at home. The content just isn't there yet, games uptake has been incredibly slow and considering the number of films they keep saying are coming out in 3D they are rarely released on 3D bluray. If your into sport it's a different story thanks to SKY but thankfully I don't give a monkeys.

LanceVance  Dec. 24, 2010 at 14:54

More tech for Sony to force on the public. As said by the two posters above, the uptake is still very low. I still know a few people that are running crt tellys and watching (shock/horror) dvds.

Gunn  Dec. 24, 2010 at 17:21

Well vote with your wallet you don't have to buy it. Even though HD was slow take off people still bought even when there were no HD sources, so no doubt plenty early adopters won't care about lack of 3d content. The biggest difference for me is that a 3Dtv doesn't seem to cost as much as an HDTV did when it was first released. I think it was several thousands when HDTVs first came out but you can get a decent sized 3dtv for around 700-800. Not that much more.

LanceVance  Dec. 24, 2010 at 17:44

I will do. Thanks for telling me what to do with my money. The difference in price is because of the money poured into research. Its not as big a leap from HD to 3D, as it was for CRT to HD. Merry Crimbletide btw!!

Matt Gardner  Dec. 24, 2010 at 19:38

Absolutely agree with you, especially on the point of immersion. There are so many things that can poorly influence a specs-based 3D experience which means you're constantly being pulled away from the action by niggling irritations.

I'm slightly biased, it must be said, because wearing a second pair of specs over my existed acclimatised pair is about as comfortable as wearing a g-string made from tin cans.

Perseus-9 is right...you go to the cinema to be wowed, and I'm glad I've seen Avatar in 3D, it was a fantastic experience, but having seen it a second time I have no real desire to see it again. The 'wow' factor is gone. Yeah, it's funky and pretty...that was great the first time, now what?

Of course Sony's stable have been making loud noises about how much 3D can bring to gaming. That's utter nonsense. Killzone 3 looks much worse in 3D, Virtua Tennis makes very little sense in 3D because it completely scrambles your depth perception and I'm desperately hoping they don't try and shoehorn it into Uncharted 3. Don't even get me started on racing games: the very nature of having two points of focus - one (the car) in the foreground and one (the destination) on the horizon - actually kind of serves to negate the whole effect anyway. I will concede that Motorstorm Apocalypse appears to be getting around that issue by throwing things at you (actually the one 3D game that really did make something of an impression), but paying a grand for the privilege seems ridiculous and let's be honest here, too....there's absolutely no point investing in a 3D TV unless it's pushing 40" and upwards. That's just not going to happen.


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