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From 3D Pointlessness to Google Games - News Roundup 12th July 2010

Matt Gardner
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12% of Brits Unable To View 3D Properly

From 3D Pointlessness to Google Games - News Roundup 12th July 2010

I'm not going to lie or pretend to be objectively impartial on this, I cannot think about anything I'm more apathetic right now than stereoscopic 3D in gaming...and I'm pretty sure, as our poll results are starting to show, that I'm not the only one. But now, largely thanks to a study conducted by The Eyecare Trust, some research has come to light suggesting that as much as 12% of the British population have eyes too screwed up to fully appreciate the effect anyway. According to Edge magazine, the charity reports:

'3-D technology relies on our eyes’ ability to work together as a co-ordinated team to achieve an accurate perception of depth. [...] However, more than one in ten of us (12%) has a visual impairment that means our brains are unable to correctly process the individual images that are transmitted to it via our left and right eyes. This leads to an inconsistency in viewing the three spatial dimensions (height, width and depth) required to enjoy 3-D films in all their glory.'

Oh dear.

By and large this won't make an ounce of difference to those already putting all of their weight behind 3D (yes Sony...and Ubisoft, I'm looking at you), but gradually frittering away percentile chunks of your target audience is never really a good thing. 3D is rapidly becoming gaming's equivalent of a leprous Big Brother winner...for some reason people keep talking about it but frankly most of us can't wait to see which bit's going to drop off next. Stop trying to excite me now and wait three or four years until this technology is at a price which means we won't have to all take out second mortgages or sell our relatives to medical science. [VG247]

Michael Pachter Reckons Respawn Are Working On A Space Shooter

The title to this one pretty much speaks for itself. Yes, Captain Obvious is back, this time in a Pach Attack that's actually reassuringly professional and highly informative. Of course, The Pach can't resist making a prediction and this time he's plumped for ex-Infinity Ward veterans' studio Respawn attempting a 'Halo-killer' with their first game and crating a space shooter for their debut. With EALA and DICE working on the latest Medal of Honor to try and square up to Activision's COD: Black Ops it's reasonable to assume that Respawn might have Bungie in their sights. [Gametrailers]

Kojima Slams Japanese Industry's Motivation

From 3D Pointlessness to Google Games - News Roundup 12th July 2010

Astute Twitter fans may have witness something of a tirade last Friday on Hideo Kajima's account as the enigmatic development genius went on a bit of a rant and vented his worries that the Japanese games industry was under serious threat of being outpaced by the West, something the bespectacled developer put down to his country's education system and a lack of motivation:

'The West is very motivated. The younger generation of Japan is losing [...] The designers and to-be-designers in the West have the focus, ambition, and ability to make their dream become true. It is not the Japanese technology or culture that is losing; we are lacking the motivation.'

Kojima certainly didn't hold back, citing a lack of cross-cultural experience as a major issue when he said that

'The number of students that study abroad from Japan has decreased. There are very few Japanese students at the prestigious Harvard University, and in MIT...zero. The engineering population in Japan may be in jeopardy. We should first review our education system here in Japan.'

But he didn't stop there, signing off with a complaint that questioned the enthusiasm of those working in the industry at the moment, proclaiming himself to be 'tired of taking care of people who do not have the passion'. do you reckon he has a point? Hit us up with your thoughts in the box below. [GamesIndustry.biz]

Rumour Mill: Google Has Secretly Invested $100+ Million In Zynga

From 3D Pointlessness to Google Games - News Roundup 12th July 2010

I reported back in May that Google had been on the lookout for some high level development talent, specialising, it seemed, in internet gaming. Back then we hypothesised that Google was preparing to launch it's own online gaming platform and now it seems that the Big G has jumped into bed with Zynga, the company behind insidious resource management game FarmVille.

TechCrunch reports that the search engine behemoth has invested somewhere between $100-200 million in Zynga and, whilst the investment part of the deal is now done and dusted, a larger strategic partnership is still being drawn up.

With Zynga reportedly falling out with Facebook and Google potentially looking to make Google Games an actuality by 2011, this one looks to be one to watch. Not that Zynga really need the money mind you, they turned over a massive $350 million profit last year with predicted figures for 2011 looking to nudge the billion mark. World domination looks depressingly within their grasp. [Eurogamer]

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Howard Moon  Jul. 12, 2010 at 19:08

I had to google to find out what the hell Zynga was. They're doing fine without my business it seems ;)


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