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3DS Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem Set For 2013

Jonathan Lester
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3DS Animal Crossing & Fire Emblem Set For 2013

New Details Emerge From Nintendo Direct

Last night's Nintendo Direct broadcast revealed some juicy details about Animal Crossing 3D and Fire Emblem: Awakening... before slapping a 2013 release date on them.

Animal Crossing 3D will, for the first time, allow players to become the mayor of their town, which will grant us more control over the look and layout of the village as well as physical customisation options. With luck, Tom Nook will also treat us with a little (goddamn) respect. Overhauled graphics will improve character animations accross the board, while nifty new StreetPass functionality will let us trade house designs with other players.

New Fire Emblem Awakening: features include SpotPass and StreetPass support, which will deliver DLC as well as allowing players to interact.

We can't wait to play these two games, but sadly we'll have to. Ninty president Satoru Iwata explained that they won't hit Europe until the first half of next year.

"In order to provide the best end result and give fans the quality they expect from Nintendo, we can confirm today these two titles will now be launching in Europe in the first half of 2013."

"We are sorry you will have to wait a little longer but we hope you understand our desire to ultimately deliver a game fans will love."


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