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3DS Augmented Reality Cards & Games Revealed

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo 3DS

3DS Augmented Reality Cards & Games Revealed

We've covered the full list of 3DS launch titles that we'll be able to play on March 25th, but an anonymous source has spilled the beans about six augmented-reality games that will take advantage of the device's twin 3D cameras. Just in case real reality just isn't three dimensional enough for you...

Wired has picked up on six AR cards that will ship with the 3DS at launch, which will boot up an accessible little minigame when placed in front of the camera. The titles may be liable to change, but here's the selection so far:

  • AR Shot: A cross between minigolf and pool that takes place on an actual table. You'll need to physically walk around it to take your shots.
  • Fishing: An emotional rollercoaster ride through the depths of the human  soul. Wait, no. It's a fishing game with tilt controls.
  • Grafitti: A 3D design package that converts your doodles into three dimensions. Sounds awesome.
  • Star Pics: Basically superimposes a virtual statue of an iconic gaming character onto the scenery. You can then stroll around it at leisure.
  • Mii Pics: Like Star Pics, but with Miis. Likened to ""an interactive photo shoot with your Mii characters."

This sounds like a nifty concept, but let's hope that Nintendo actually continue to support the scheme over here with more cards and games. Lest we forget the e-reader. [Wired]

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Gunn  Feb. 23, 2011 at 13:07

Sony seemed to only have mild success with this stuff, but I'm sure Nintendo can do better.


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