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3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Jonathan Lester
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Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's 3DS console is set to hit British stores on the 25th... but you'll need something to play on it. To this end, we've collated a list of the launch titles along with constantly-updating feeds on the cheapest places to buy them. Here we go!

Pilotwings Resort

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Pilotwings is a classic Ninty franchise that we're delighted to see return. Set in the airspace over Wuhu island, players will use a number of flying machines planes and even a flyingsquirrel-style wingsuit to take to the skies. Considering it's one of the few major first party launch titles, this is probably going to be a 3DS mainstay.

Super Street Fighter IV: 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup It's Street Fighter IV. In 3D. With new awesome streetpass mechanics that will allow you to challenge complete strangers you happen to walk past. This is going to be huge.

Ridge Racer 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

It's Riiiiiiiidge Raaaaaaacer! This 3DS launch title is set to bring the addictive drift-heavy mechanics of one of gaming's most enduring racing franchises into the third dimension, and visually looks very neat despite the extra processing power required for stereoscopic 3D.

Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup Ubisoft haven't been marketing this one anywhere near as much as they should. Imagine Advance Wars, but with elite customisable Ghost soldiers, cutting-edge gear and loads of pyrotechnics. Tilting perspectives should make this one stand out from the crowd.

Splinter Cell 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is one of Sam Fisher's highest-rated outings, and Ubisoft are bringing it to the 3DS along with a host of new features from Splinter Cell Conviction. This should make for a more predatory experience this time around, and we genuinely can't wait.

Asphalt 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup Gameloft's Asphalt franchise is one of the best racing experiences on iOS, and is likely to be a perfect fit for the 3DS. It's set to be a polished, slick and visceral racer with plenty of Burnout-style takedowns making owning your opponents that little bit sweeter.

The Sims 3 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Like it or not, The Sims are an integral part of gaming culture and history... and the 3DS version will allow us to interfere with our virtual friends' lives on the move. Personally I'm a bit of a sadist when it comes to removing doors, toilets and starting fires... but hey, that's half the fun.

Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup Travellers Tales are the undisputed kings of family-friendly fun, and whilst The Clone Wars cartoons don't deliver any of the nostalgia fix that we expect from the LEGO franchise, it's still an accessible and humorous title that's very capable in its own right.

Rayman 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Rayman 2 stands tall as one of the best platformers ever made. Fact. The 3DS version should allow the fantastic art design to look better than ever before, along with more levels and a smaller learning curve. The original took no prisoners, and this version will be a lot more accessible.

Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup This one's coming out of left field, but it's shaping up to deliver. Samurai Warriors: Chronicles will mix four martial art styles and army controls to create a visceral fighting experience with some seriously impressive graphics. We'll be keeping an eye on it.

Nintendogs + Cats 3D: Bulldog & New Friends

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Awwwwww. So cute. If you want a virtual pet (in this case, a Bulldog and some other cute feline and canine companions), this is probably the game for you. Not for me, mind, but the 3DS takes all comers.

Nintendogs + Cats 3D: Golden Retriever & New Friends

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup See above, but this time, with 100% extra Golden Retriever. You'd think they'd just put them all in the same game, but hey, it comes down to personal taste.

Super Monkey Ball 3D

3DS Launch Title Price Roundup

Yes! Call me a big kid if you will, but Super Monkey Ball is all about good old-fashioned colourful fun on a bun. It's games like this that got us hooked on our favourite hobby in the first place. The 3DS should be a perfect platform to keep on rollin', rollin', rollin'.

Know a cheaper place to get any of these games? Let us know in the comments or via email.

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