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3DS Peripheral Adds Second Circle Pad

Jonathan Lester
3DS, Circle Pad, Expansion Slide Pad, Monster Hunter

3DS Peripheral Adds Second Circle Pad

Sony's sadly-delayed PS Vita handheld is going to cater for traditional home console-style games with its two thumbsticks, but the 3DS' single circle pad has dismayed many gamers who feel that Nintendo have limited the scope of the titles that it can support. However, the consistently reliable Japan-based journalist Andriasang has alleged - and subsequently confirmed - that Famitsu Magazine has gotten their hands on a new first party peripheral that snaps over the 3DS face buttons to provide a second circle pad.

This "Expansion Slide Pad" peripheral acts "like a cradle" that snaps on to the right hand side of the device, adding an extra circle pad, trigger and a headphone port while leaving the buttons untouched. It's being primarily designed as a "secret weapon" for a 3DS Monster Hunter title that should provide enhanced camera control.

We don't know whether other titles will support the Expansion Slide Pad, or whether it will see a western release. Sadly precedent is not on its side, since Capcom has already released a Japan-only Xbox 360 keyboard that's only compatible with a Monster Hunter title. If the peripheral is indeed "first party," though, the future could well be bright for twinstick gaming.

Picture courtesy of Famitsu magazine.

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