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3DS Thumbstick Confirmed As Circle Pad Pro

Felix Kemp
Capcom, Circle Pad Pro, Nintendo 3DS, Resident Evil Revelations

3DS Thumbstick Confirmed As Circle Pad Pro

Capcom Recommends It For RE: Revelations

Nintendo's somewhat clumsy attempt at adding a second thumbstick to their 3DS handheld now has a name; the Circle Pad Pro. Not exactly catchy. However, it has support in the shape of Japanese mega-publisher, Capcom, who claim playing the upcoming Resident Evil 3DS adventure, Revelations, with the Circle Pad Pro is the "right way".

"It was for us kind of a no brainer," reveals Capcom assistant producer Tsukasa Takenaka, in regards to Circle Pad Pro support in RE: Revelations. "As soon as we found out Nintendo had this peripheral, we thought this is something we can use to provide another bit of customization for the game. We instantly decided to support it."

Takenaka claims that adding the Circle Pad Pro to your 3DS when playing Revelations is "the right way to play the game". Capcom created a "whole other control scheme" to accommodate Nintendo's new peripheral, and early reports suggest it adds a third-person shooter feel unheard of in 3DS games.

"For certain people, playing the game with the Circle Pad Pro, they may find it's easier to control the characters, and therefore it does make the game a little easier," Takenaka went on to say. "But in terms of priorities, the thing most important was providing players with a control scheme that felt most natural for them." He said Capcom worked hard to ensure the controls weren't intrusive in the game nor obvious to the player. Here's hoping they succeeded. [Eurogamer]

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