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4200 Microsoft Points £28.95 @ Woolworths

Matt Gardner
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4200 Microsoft Points £28.95 @ Woolworths

Love 'em or hate 'em, there comes a point when Microsoft's decision to create their own virtual currency seems validated by a deal such as this. Thanks to the shifting nature of the value of the MSP when it comes to actually refilling your account, it's possible to technically get LIVE games for less real money than you would normally as the intervals of pricing on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace rarely change.

Woolies recently issued a newsletter informing newcomers to the site that should they spend £30 or more, they could have £10 lopped off of the final price. Considering that 4200 Points card retails for £35 exactly, and that delivery is (an admittedly extortionate £3.95), this means that you can pick up 4200 MS Points for just £28.95. If we take £35 to be the usual price of 4200 Points, then £28.50 should be worth 3420 Points, meaning you're effectively getting an extra 800 MS Points for free!

  • Voucher Code: ZQ973
  • Discount: £10 off for first-time buyers when spending over £30

Click here to head on over to Woolies now!

Lost for things to spend it on? Well, the new Modern Warfare 2 DLC should be out, but perhaps more importantly, we can all warm our trigger fingers by basking in the warm glow of Rare's FPS magnum opus - Perfect Dark - as it receives an XBLA release today, and wonder how the hell Rare managed to lose all of their talent over the last decade.

Thanks to craig-uk at HUKD

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kirby2096  Mar. 17, 2010 at 17:14

XV002 - free delivery code
ZZ473 - £15 off a £15 spend (for new accounts only)

Note that Woolworths are part of Shop Direct Group now, which charge the full price inc. delivery straight off, then refund the difference a few days later.

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