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4Gamers 2.1 Speaker System For Wii £14.99 @ GAME

Matt Gardner
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4Gamers 2.1 Speaker System For Wii £14.99 @ GAME

It's a bit of a morning for hardware deals, although this one is probably more for Nintendo fanboys and novelty collectors. 4Gamers have engineered a 2.1 stereo speaker system that essentially looks like a Wii that ate its weight in pies along with two nunchuks that have been fed growth hormones. A subwoofer and dual satellites set, the design on these babies is what will end up shifting units, modelled as they are on Wii hardware. In fact, when lined up next to the console using the included stand, it actually looks pretty sweet and perfect for those gamers who like to keep their consoles on show.

You can pick up this bundle for £14.99 over at GAME, which is a quid cheaper than nearest price Play (although obviously with GAME you get a whole bunch of delicious reward points and generally speedier delivery). It's fallen a long way since it's £70 release tag, which is handy because I can't really picture anyone but the most die-hard Wii fanatic picking these up for full price.

As speaker sets go, it's not going to set your ears on fire with its aural delights. This is no Bose or Sennheiser piece of kit at all, but then again it's not supposed to be. Boasting a pleasant 30W (RMS) output, it actually goes about its business fairly well. In spite of the smallish speakers, the sound quality on this isn't too bad at all considering the price. They're not quite as good as Logitech's X-210 subwoofer and satellites combo, but then these are almost a tenner cheaper, so what do you expect.

The big selling point, though, is clearly the design. The speakers perfectly resemble Wii nunchuks, the subwoofer control stack itself looks like the Wii's fat twin, right down to the glowing blue strip, and the set's remote is a damn fine replica of the Wiimote. In short, if the Wii is the prime console in your home, if you're outputting the console through a monitor, or if you're just a Ninty collector, then this might be exactly the relatively cheap piece of novelty tat you've been looking for.

Thanks to philby27 at HUKD

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