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6 in 1 Wii Board Pack £9.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]

Marius Goubert
Games accessories, Wii Fit, Wii games

6 in 1 Wii Board Pack £9.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]Everyone knows it’s just too hot to be doing any exercise outside at the moment, and with gym membership being the first thing everyone sacrificed to the economic recession, it’s all about getting into shape the Wii Fit way.

So if you’re currently looking to gain some accessories for your Wii Fit, Zavvi are selling a 6 in 1 Wii Board Pack for just £9.95. Might make a nice gift for the girlfriend providing she doesn’t take it the wrong way…

The deal consists of a range of paraphernalia which will supposedly enhance your Wii Fit experience. The most significant being a 173cm x 62cm Yoga mat which will allow gamers to experience ‘the favoured doctrine for mind, body and soul’. You also get other useful things such as a Wii Board Clear Silicone Protective Cover, Wii Board Rechargeable Battery Pack, and a USB Charging Lead.

Even more practical is a pedometer so you can measure how many steps you take around the house in an entire day, and 2 x sweat bands so you can really get into character and look like someone who enjoys exercise. For less than £10, this is clearly not a bad deal as you’re getting some useful accessories, but the whole Yoga Mat concept does give the impression that Nintendo were just trying to offer customers a little compensation when Wii Fits were like gold dust.6 in 1 Wii Board Pack £9.95 @ Zavvi [Wii Games]

I mean how did people get by practicing Yoga before these mats came out? O yea, they used the damn floor!

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lumoruk  Aug. 24, 2009 at 13:43

hurts on real oak flooring, not that I do yoga its for girls!

Emma Kelly  Aug. 24, 2009 at 14:21

Hurts on carpet too... carpet burns on the knees!

hugh  Aug. 28, 2009 at 21:14

The battery pack in this will touch the floor when you use it (i weigh 10 stone), pretty useless


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