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75% Off Gratuitous Space Battles Collection @ Steam [PC Games]

Matt Gardner
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75% Off Gratuitous Space Battles Collection @ Steam [PC Games]

Aside from possibly having The Best Game Name Ever, Gratuitous Space Battles does exactly what it says on the tin, foregoing base building and resource management in favour of one thing...erm...gratuitous battles that occur in space. Constructing your fleet from scratch with bundles of modular parts, you then arrange your ships, issue orders of engagement and then watch the battle unfold. This is all about epic-scale strategy: you're Admiral Ackbar here, not Luke Skywalker.

Steam are currently running a 75% sale on everything Gratuitous and Space Battley including the original game for £4.49 and the three DLC packs at 99p each. You can save even more if you buy the lot together, which'll set you back a meagre £5.24.

GSB is a strategy game with a difference: it's all about the setup. In fact, it's quite a bit like a footy management sim in that it's all about the make up of your fleet, once their engaged in battle there's not a lot for you to do. There are one or two flaws, the largest and most frustrating of which is not really being able to do any recon on your opposition, so engineering can be a little hit and hope at times. It looks great, provides a pretty unique spin on the whole genre and is a surefire winner for anyone who likes seeing spaceships blow up and likes a little innovation along with their tactical corn flakes.

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MrRobin  Aug. 6, 2010 at 11:45

Oooo looks like fun.. for lewss than a fiver it's worth a punt. Thanks!

The screenshots remind me of the MMO 2D space battle type games I used to play... can't remember the names.. hmm..

Robovski  Aug. 7, 2010 at 05:13

I figured it was cheap enough to jump too. I hope it's good.


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