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From the 7th Generation Console War to the Bright Side of Online Poker: News Roundup October 5th

Marius Goubert
Fable, News, Nintendo, Project Natal

In today’s news roundup we hear of Nintendo’s crushing defeat of Microsoft and Sony, and why the 7th generation console war has become a one horse race. We hear from Fable designer Peter Molyneux, who insists that he can’t deny or confirm Project Natal’s compatibility with Fable III or else he might get assassinated. Lastly, we bring you a piece of positive news (although some will no doubt find it negative ) from the world of online poker.

Wii to Win Seventh Generation Console War

From the 7th Generation Console War to the Bright Side of Online Poker: News Roundup October 5th

My how the tables have turned. It might be three years until game consoles evolve into the 8th generation, but according to Gamerthirst, nothing can stop the Nintendo Wii being crowned victor of the 7th generation console war. As of the beginning of July 2009, Wii sales stood at something like 52 million - more than double that of the PS3. Although Microsoft have done a little better, Nintendo are still outselling their Xbox 360 rivals by almost 22 million units…

Nintendo’s gamble with motion technology is clearly a major reason behind the huge success of the Wii. Although their console takes a fair amount of flak from hardcore gamers who condemn its mediocre graphics, Nintendo have still managed to make the Wii appeal to a far broader and more diverse demographic than either Microsoft or Sony.

Nintendo’s masterstroke had to be the Wii fit: a game which cunningly preyed upon those who lacked self esteem and capitalized on a society’s obsession with Size 0 and, as a consequence, won’t stop flying off the shelf. Just so you know my cynical view on the Nintendo Wii Fit was in now way influenced by the fact that the damn thing told me I was obese… [GamesThirst]

Molyneux hints at Natal in Fable III

From the 7th Generation Console War to the Bright Side of Online Poker: News Roundup October 5th

As Project Natal ebbs ever closer, Peter Molyneux – the designer behind the Fable series – has been dropping hints regarding Fable III’s compatibility with the new Xbox 360 technology. Indeed, Molyneux has something of a reputation for overhyping games currently in development as we all saw with regard to Fable back in 2004. After getting slightly carried away, Molyneux was forced to publicly apologize after Fable was released without many of the features he described during press interviews.

Although he insisted in an interview with Games kings that he would give it to them ‘absolutely straight’, Molyneux simply went on to say "I have not said that we're not going to have Natal in Fable III. All I have really said is it is a controller experience. That doesn't mean there isn't going to be Natal."

He then added ‘Obviously, what would probably happen if I started talking about this is you would see a little red dot appear moving on my forehead. And then as I would start to speak the words then there would be a shot, gunfire, and I would be assassinated.’ Although we live in hope (not so much that Molyneux would be assassinated, but rather, with regard to Fable 3 and project natal) we should perhaps take everything he says with a fairly hefty pinch of salt… [EuroGamer]  

Online Poker Player Nets 26K

From the 7th Generation Console War to the Bright Side of Online Poker: News Roundup October 5th

All the media ever seem to portray with regards to online gambling is the negative side. All you ever hear about are those poor people whose lives have been utterly consumed by their addition. People who have remortgaged their homes, who have sold their pets and, if they could, would probably sell their children for just one more go on Foxy Bingo. But is it all doom, gloom and ruined homes? Why do we never hear about the people who actually win?

Well the sad truth is that everyone enjoys reading about people who are worse off than themselves, but, in a piece of news which is really guaranteed to give you a lift on this wet and cloudy Monday afternoon, some lucky devil just won the Let ‘em Ride Jackpot and took home 26K!

This was after winning Let ‘Em Ride’s Poker jackpot which, according to Examiner.com, is won consistently by someone every two weeks. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of a card shark it might be worth checking out, however before you do, just let me pass on a pearl of wisdom I picked up from early morning guru and ex-gambling addict Jeremy Kyle…‘Only gamble what you can afford to lose.’ Cheers for that Jezza! [Examiner]

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