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The 7th Guest | FREE | iTunes | iOS

Matt Gardner
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The 7th Guest | FREE | iTunes | iOS

One of the finest puzzle-adventure titles of yesteryear, The 7th Guest is currently FREE on the App Store for today only! It's got a cracking, twisting story, an antagonist that will taunt you mercilessly throughout and ridicule your failure, and puzzles that make quadratic equations cry. Read Dave's nostalgic The 7th Guest retrospective here.

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hurrakan  May. 1, 2012 at 15:47

Yeah I had this - one of the first games on CD wasn't it?

It never properly worked on our crappy 386/486 (spurring the phrase, "Welcome to my... bodge-up").

- but it worked on my mate's PC so we tried to work through it together. We got to the maze in the kitchen and became hopelessly lost - never got past that damn maze! We made maps and everything - must have been too young, maybe.

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