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Ace Combat 6 £9.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360]

Marius Goubert
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Xbox 360

Ace Combat 6 £9.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360]According to recent news regarding the war in Afghanistan, it seems that gamers with a real knack for flight sims are the best candidates to pilot the RAF’s remote drone MQ-1 Reaper. It seems that in terms of reaction times, spatial awareness and concentration, computer gamers tick all of the boxes, and after basic training, could well be deployed to the front line.

Who knows? Military scouts could already be scouring the online multiplayer arenas of games like HAWX and Ace Combat as part of a new nation wide recruitment drive. So if you fancy yourself as a bit of repressed Maverick, and want to show the MOD what you’re made of, you can now get hold of a copy of Ace Combat 6 for just £9.99 at Play.com. This beats the next best price by almost £5.

Ace Combat 6 is by no means a flight simulator however. In fact, the game is fairly unrealistic. The plane handles so well it’s like a dream – with none of that awkwardness you get in so many PC flight sims where every two seconds you’re stalling. You have a completely impractical payload with something like two hundred missiles magically strapped to the wings, and thankfully, you never have to worry about taking off or landing.

The emphasis is of course all on the action and the game’s real strength lies with its superb visuals and smooth gameplay. The dogfights are highly intense and the fact that multiple targets are dotted all over the battlefield makes AC6 missions extremely chaotic. The radio chatter also reinforces the atmosphere and a range of special weapons give the game great reply value.Ace Combat 6 £9.99 @ Play.com [Xbox 360]

In some ways it is slightly more limited than its predecessors, but online multiplayer gives AC6 that much needed extra depth and longevity. Who knows, after several months ruling the skies you might one day see two Hummers pull up outside your house, be taken to some secret location buried in the side of a mountain, and be asked to help save the world…

Thanks to Toastie99 from HOTUKDEALS.

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