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Ace Combat Assault Horizon Pre-Order Incentives At GAME

Felix Kemp
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, GAME, Namco Bandai

Ace Combat Assault Horizon Pre-Order Incentives At GAME

Three Exclusive Skills Up For Grabs

It's a depressing state of affairs when publishers feel amputating content and retrofitting it as pre-order incentives is an acceptable practice. But, lo and behold, Namco BANDAI have announced UK customers who pre-order the upcoming Ace Combat Assault Horizon will be rewarded with access to three unique skills. If this sort of trend continues, it won't be long before we're all purchasing button-prompts and pause-menus.

So, pre-order Ace Combat Assault Horizon over at GAME and you'll be granted access to three unique skills. Enhanced DFM+ allows you to enter Dog Fighting Mode with greater ease, although it makes it more difficult to initiate ASM (Air Strike Mode). It's perfect for players who wish to "dominate in online competitive battles", apparently.

Next up, Enhanced ASM+, which as you might expect is the reverse of Enhanced DFM+, making Air Strike Mode an easier option but ensuring Dog Fighting Mode is more difficult. It's tailored for players looking to focus their attacks on the enemy HQ. Finally, MG Cool Down+ ensures your machine guns won't overheat too quickly, although at the expense of firepower. It's perfect for fans of machinegunning!

Tell us what you think, Dealspwners? Should this trend of removing content to use as part of post-release or pre-order campaigns continue? Or should we rise up and put an end to it all?

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