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Ace Of Spades To Marry Combat & Construction

Jonathan Lester
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Ace Of Spades To Marry Combat & Construction

Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Jagex has revealed Ace Of Spades: a multiplayer FPS that takes Minecraft's 'build anywhere, build anything' approach to a deadly conclusion. Kept under wraps throughout its development cycle, this innovative (if ambitious) project is set for a December release.

Ace of Spades is described as "a retro-looking intelligent creative shooter that gives players complete strategic freedom over a battlefield they can evolve and built on throughout a game session." You'll kill enemy players with a selection of weapons in 32-player deathmatches and objective gametypes, but can also construct fortifications or sap enemy defences using the creation mechanics. Creativity will be encouraged through the constructive-meets-destructive gameplay and a suite of editable game modes and objecyives.

“If you’re tired of the same old first person shooters, coming out year after year with a fresh lick of paint and a hefty price tag, then Ace of Spades will tick all the boxes for you, offering an all action multiplayer featuring up to 32 player FPS combat and a fully customisable environment which will continuously develop throughout your battle,” crowed Jagex CMO David Solari.

"Despite keeping this game under the radar during development, it has still proved to be hugely viral with more than two and half a million players entering the prototype phase. Ace of Spades is set to take FPS to the next level, adding evolving tactics and strategy to twitch FPS gameplay. We have blended the artistic style of voxel-based sandbox games, such as Minecraft, with the class based combat of titles like Team Fortress, and added an extra dimension with real-time evolving battlefields to create a game which we firmly believe will appeal to FPS gamers looking for a bigger challenge.”

Ace Of Spades is coming to Steam this December, for a "one off fee."

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Late  Nov. 1, 2012 at 15:41

Wot no Zombies? oO


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