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Activision: Vita and 3DS Face "Challenging Market"

Matt Gardner
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Activision: Vita and 3DS Face "Challenging Market"

Greg Canessa, VP of mobile development at Activision, has added his voice to the growing number parties who believe that the future of handheld gaming is firmly under threat from mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. 

“There’s no doubt that the space faces challenges,” said Canessa. “[Handhelds] are more directly competitive with what’s going on in the tablet and mobile space and there’s a lot more overlap there, to be honest.

“It is a challenging market, and challenging in a number of ways. From a gameplay immersiveness standpoint, from price point and business model standpoint, I mean it’s $40 for some of those games and you can get great experiences – not necessarily comparable experience, but great nonetheless – for seven dollars on a tablet.”

However, Canessa acknowledged that Activision have an “important” relationship with both Sony and Nintendo in the handheld space, having recently dropped Black Ops: Declassified onto the Vita, and said that the publisher will “continue to support them by creating games on both platforms.”

“Beyond that the market’s going to speak ultimately as to the viability of those products."

This is hardly a new debate, and we ourselves have waded into  the waters, suggesting that this might perhaps be the last generation of dedicated handheld consoles, although Nintendo have emphatically begged to differ. [CVG]

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