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Advice needed on upgrading from xbox 360 to xbox 360 Slim

Late |  Sep. 26, 2011 at 15:32

My old 360 (with 60gb drive) is on it's last legs - so I'm finally taking the plunge and getting a new slim version.
I know data transfer can now be done by (reformatted) usb flash if you don't have a data migration kit, so I guess I'm okay on moving all of my data across to the new machine.

My problem is that my console currently has several profiles on it. I'll probably want to transfer my own profile to the new machine, and keep the kids' profiles on the old machine (and hook the old console up to their tv upstairs).
Is it possible to transfer one profile and keep the others on the old machine?
What happens with all the downloaded content (dlc, xbla, etc.)? Will both consoles then have access, once data is copied?

Note that I'll have my shiny new xbox connected to the internet (wifi) and I have a gold account, but the kids don't have gold accounts - so I'm not bothered whether that's internet enabled or not - though I'm interested in playing with them via LAN (preferably wirelessly - but ethernet cable's an option if necessary).

Any advice very much appreciated!

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Late  Sep. 30, 2011 at 15:22

Just in case anyone in future needs the info, I'll answer this myself. It was all nice and straight forward in the end...

It's easy to transfer one or more profiles across. Just move a file to memory stick, and then move it onto the new console.

DLC and downloaded games seem to vary from one game to another. Some would copy across, others would only move - no option to copy, so no duplication. I've not tried playing most so can't verify they actually worked.

And system link was a piece of cake to get running on the one game we tried. (Perfect Dark Zero. I know it's not the most popular game and is a bit dated now, but we love it - and you can pick up the game for about £3 second hand, which is of course a godsend when you need 2 copies of a game to play over your LAN. I wouldn't fancy paying around £60 each for two copies of COD with all the related DLC)


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