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Be Advised: Titanfall back on top of the UK charts

Jonathan Lester
UK Games Charts, UK retail

Be Advised: Titanfall back on top of the UK charts

EA will be thrilled to learn that their stompy robots and sequelised football sim are back on top of the UK charts once again. Meanwhile the next console generation is paying off and delivering truly new gameplay experiences, including... Call Of Duty... FIFA... Minecraft... LEGO games... and tie-ins. Gosh, what an age we live in!

Speaking of being truly happy with our lot (honest), Matt was overjoyed to find a review copy of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on his doorstep. How he laughed. "It doesn't even have the decency to be truly awful," apparently, which is almost a compliment if you don't think about it too hard. Or if you're concussed, which might make the game more enjoyable, at least courtesy of the delirium.

Please don't try that at home, though - either the concussion or the game itself. Enjoy the full official UK top ten after the break instead.

UK Charts: Week Ending 10th May, 2014 (previous chart position in parentheses, links to reviews where appropriate)

  1. Titanfall (2)
  2. FIFA 14 (3)
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (1)
  4. Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition (6)
  5. FIFA World Cup Brazil (4)
  6. Call Of Duty: Ghosts (5)
  7. The LEGO Movie Videogame (8)
  8. Battlefield 4 (10)
  9. LEGO The Hobbit (7)
  10. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (10)

Click here for the full top 40, courtesy of GFK Chart-Track >>

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