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Age Of Empires: Mythologies £7.99 @play.com [DS Games]

Marius Goubert
Age of Empires, DS games, Real time strategy
Nintendo DS

Age Of Empires: Mythologies £7.99  @play.com [DS Games]

Described by IGN as one of the ‘most robust, rewarding and entertaining strategy titles on the DS’, Age of Empires Mythologies is a game which has taken the entire RTS genre by storm. So if you were a fan of Age of Empires: Age of Kings, this is a must have addition to your DS collection. Currently the game is going for £7.99 on play.com which gives you a nice saving of almost £2.50 on the next best offer from coolshop (however bear in mind coolshop have low stock and after that the game is around £13.50)

Despite the fact that the publishers and developers have changed since Age of Kings, Age of Empires Mythologies still manages to retain the same level of depth as its predecessor in terms of gameplay.  To succeed, players must outdo their rivals in a cultural arms race by meticulously honing their economies. Only by progressing through each particular ‘age’ as either the Greeks, Egyptians or Norse civilisations, can they acquire more advanced technology, better units, and access to heroes and gods. The former is what sets Age of Mythologies apart from other additions of the franchise.

Through heroes, players are able to gain access to the god’s power system and various mythological attacks which can be rained down on their opponents on the battlefield. The abilities are specific to which ever culture the player chooses, but include things such as tsunamis, blizzards and swarms of locusts. Although Age of Empires first appearance on the DS was superb in terms of gameplay, it was significantly let down by its poor visuals. However the graphics have had a complete overhaul making Mythologies difficult to fault in anyway and a wise investment for anyone who appreciates a decent strategy game.

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