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AI Designs Its Own Videogame

Jonathan Lester
AI, Indie Games, Skynet, Space Station Invaders

AI Designs Its Own Videogame

Imperial College London has created a computer program that can design, test and develop its own videogames from scratch. Angelina, an AI commissioned by New Scientist magazine, is capable of procedurally generating games, thoroughly testing them at each stage and working out a "fun" quotient (seriously) to ensure that the final product will be enjoyable. Using 'computational evolution,' Angelina kills off 'bad' game designs and combines good ones together - with the end result being a surprisingly impressive little platformer called Space Station Invaders. You can play it over at New Scientist.

The implications are enormous - not as a replacement for human developers, but as a development tool that can assist indie outfits with quality assurance and suggesting new gameplay avenues that they haven't yet considered. Not to mention that it's an astounding feat of software engineering. Just in case, though, let me be the first to welcome our new AI overlords. More details here.

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mightybobbin  Mar. 8, 2012 at 15:17

An interesting game. The only winning move is to press space to jump.

Late  Mar. 9, 2012 at 14:45

Exciting in the short term, bloody scary in the long term. Surely it's not long until our relatively primitive AI systems start developing much more advanced programs - and as soon as one of them designs a slightly more advanced version of itself we're doomed...


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