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AI War: Alien Bundle (Includes All DLC) | £13.99 | Arcen Games | PC

Jonathan Lester
AI War: Fleet Command, Alien Bundle, Games deals, Strategy games
AI War: Alien Bundle (Includes All DLC) | £13.99 | Arcen Games | PC
  • What: AI War: Alien Bundle
  • Where: Arcen Games
  • Current Price: £13.99
  • RRP: £28.96

To celebrate their two year anniversary, Arcen Games have released a bundle pack that contains their original 4X strategy hit and all of its expansion packs for an extremely low price. AI War: Fleet Command is a space RTS with challenging adaptive AI and a huge selection of spaceships with which to do battle. The 2.5D graphics are extremely capable, though the experience is arguably more fun with other human space cadets to battle against.

This bundle is eventually headed to Steam and Desura (its indie equivalent), though at the moment, Arcen's own price point blows the competition out of the cosmos considering that it also contains the Zenith Remnant, Children Of Neinzul and Light of the Spire expansion packs that would normally cost this much by themselves.

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