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Alan Wake £19.99 @ Game [XBox 360 Games]

Lydia Low
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Alan Wake £19.99 @ Game [XBox 360 Games]

The £17.99 deal which Tom posted about on Sunday was something of a "blink and you'll miss it" affair and Zavvi have now whacked the price back up to £24.95. So, if you did make the monumental error of blinking on Sunday, you may be pleased to hear that Game have currently got Alan Wake listed at £19.99, which undercuts the next best price of £22.95 from Blah DVD and its affliates by just under £3.

I recommend haste as this deal is likely to sell out pretty quickly!

If you're interested in this game that you probably already have a vague idea of the plot, considering that it took five years for Alan Wake to finally reach us but here's a quick recap just in case: Mr. Wake is a best selling author of psychological thrillers (and modelled on real life Finnish writer Ilkka Villi) who came down with a very nasty case of writer's block two years prior to the start of the game. Looking for ways to help, his fiancee Alice decides that a trip to the small forest town of Bright Falls might be just the thing to ease the block. Shockingly things don't quite go to plan and when Alice disappears, Alan begins to realise that, in a novel he does not even remember writing, he has predicted this strange turn of events.

The game guards its secrets jealously, letting them slip out piece by piece along its episodes and building up a nice tense atmosphere. However, it is certainly not an ideal game for adrenaline junkies as there is a distinct lack of heavy-on-the-absurd-action set pieces. The protagonist is an everyman, built from the same mantle as the poor-shooting characters that used to find themselves lost in Silent Hill, whether you see this as a positive or negative aspect will depend entirely on your personal viewpoint and taste but, if nothing else, it certainly offers a break from the norm.

Alan Wake is a visually arresting and beautifully presented game. The world of Bright Falls is brought to life superbly, with shifts in the light and changes of the weather affecting the town and its inhabitants subtly. The profundity of light and dark in the game renders your torch the most important instrument at your disposal and encourages a tactical approach; you may not be playing a beefy powerhouse but if you learn to use the environment to your advantage then even Alan can become a force to be reckoned with.

If you don't mind the lack of over-the-top theatrics then you may find that the biggest problem with Alan Wake is how linear it is. Bright Falls is just a beautifully realised and fascinating setting that you will probably want the opportunity to just break away from the narrative for a while and head off into the wilderness to explore and hunt for secrets. But the game does not ever really give you the opportunity and is slightly the worse for it.

Alan Wake is certainly a good game but unfortunately it's just not quite the fantastic work that many of us were hoping to see after the best part of a decade in anticipation.

Thanks to dillo1982 at Hotukdeals!

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