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Alan Wake £24.95 @ John Lewis [Xbox 360 Games]

Matt Gardner
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Alan Wake £24.95 @ John Lewis [Xbox 360 Games]

Spinning the yarn of a horror writer becoming embroiled in one of his own tales, we've had to wait the best part of a decade for the release of Alan Wake and when it got here the majority acknowledged that it was a good game before shrugging . Hardly the stuff of anticipatory fantasy. That's not to say it isn't a good game as such, just not really all that spectacular. Put it this way, having busted through a couple of hours oon it I can't say that I'm in too much of a rush to run out and buy it before it hits £15.

However, it did get some pretty good reviews, and you can check out Felix's appraisal right here if you want an in-depth look at the game, so if you do fancy buying a copy of the game you've come to the right place for direction. John Lewis are currently selling the title for £24.95 which is the cheapest price by a fiver at the moment. However, this is only the pay and collect price, if you want it delivered you're looking at paying an extra £3, although that'll still save you a couple of pounds on the nearest price at ShopTo.

NB. If you want to put in a bit of legwork you can actually nip over to Currys and get this price matched, potentially netting it for £23.95 instead.

This isn't a game for action junkies, don't expect OTT setpieces for Remedy here. What you will find here is an atmospheric game built around a fairly well-worked narrative. It's a psychological thriller in game form, spilling its narrative secrets episode by episode, heavy on the subtlety and helped along by some glorious presentation. This game is one of the best looking titles to grace the Xbox 360 so far and Bright Falls looks so very inviting and intriguing that half of the time you just want to run around exploring the damn thing.

Unfortunately, Alan Wake never really lets you, Remedy eventually eschewing an open-world style of gameplay for a more focused and linear approach. There are some nice touches here, the excellent presentation and emphasis on light and dark (handy when a torch is the most predominant weapon in the game) offering up a combat mechanic that refreshingly sees us playing a hero who really can't do everything. As Felix notes in his review, Wake is far more of an everyman than perhaps Nathan Drake or Commander Sheperd, and the narrative manages to gloss over some holes in the writing because of it.

A good game, then, with some fine ideas, a beautifully rendered world and some intriguing narrative techniques, but not without its flaws. Either way, this is a great price for a month old exclusive, but if I'm honest, I might just wait a little longer.

Thanks to DEALofaLifetime at HUKD

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