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Alan Wake Due On Steam?

Felix Kemp
Alan Wake, PC games, Remedy Entertainment, Steam

Alan Wake Due On Steam?

Registry Slip Suggests So

When originally announced way back when in 2005, developers Remedy promised to release Alan Wake on "next-generation platforms and PC". They sort of lied, as Microsoft swelled their pockets with cash and an exclusive Xbox 360 deal was agreed upon. It didn't matter much, as Alan Wake wasn't quite the defining experience we'd all hoped for, but a lot of fans missed out due to Remedy reneging on their PC promise. However, might they have changed their minds?

Discovered by posters on Alan Wake's official forums, Steam's registry contains reference to an Alan Wake title. Often Steam will load in data from unannounced games prior to an announcement, so that when said announcement occurs, they're already well-equipped to serve the wave of fans looking for information on their servers. Might this mean we're due an Alan Wake PC announcement very soon?

Maybe. Of course, it could just be a glitch, but speaking to a Finnish website, Remedy's Aki Jarvilehto admitted ignoring their PC fanbase was a mistake. "We have received feedback from a lot of PC gamers, and I have to admit that yes, we somehow ignored that," he said. "Let's see if in the near future we could have some positive news to tell you about dating!"

With Alan Wake's first big expansion, American Nightmare, due next year, it would be the perfect time to amp up interest in the brand by releasing a PC version to snag further fans. We hope to have more on this in the coming weeks and months. [JustPushStart]

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