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Alien Breed 3: Descent Hits Playstation Network Today

Felix Kemp
Alien Breed 3: Descent, Games news

Alien Breed 3: Descent Hits Playstation Network Today

Alien Breed fans rejoice, as the third entry in the popular PSN top-down shooter, Descent, is now available for immediate download. The Alien Breed series actually dates back to 1991 on the Commodore Amiga, but since then its been revived on the Playstation Network, with no less than three games releasing to quite some acclaim. It'll cost you £7.19 to purchase, or $9.99 if you're overseas.

Alien Breed is a little like Dead Space, just without the lavish production values. Like EA's blood-curdling adventure, it follows an engineer with a frankly ridiculous name, Theodore Conrad, stranded aboard the infested spaceship, Leopold. Descent is the last entry in the trilogy, and the developers have upped the stakes with new set-pieces and enemies to contend with, co-operative and 'Survivor' modes, not to mention a healthy dose of destructive weaponry.

Descent also promises to pit you against ever-expanding odds, with environments constantly in a state of flux, like navigating the exterior hull of the craft to escaping the lower levels as they're flooded with icy water. Conrad will also have to content with 'goliath boss battles', a trend I'm becoming a little bored of in games, to be honest. He'll eventually encounter a foe, hidden deep inside the belly of the ship, an enemy so evil even Conrad himself could not have imagined it. We've got a snazzy launch trailer for you below.

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